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Create a world of confidence

"The confidence that comes from an attractive appearance can make all the difference." - Jen Auh

Jen Auh, Founder of STYiLES
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Founder's Story

Jen Auh, Founder

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I'm an image consultant with 20+ years of experience in the beauty and fashion industries as a web design director. I worked with brands such as Bliss, Macy’s, and Too Faced Cosmetics.


I started my image consulting journey by advising my friends on styling and self-care in my living room. Their transformation inspired me to create an image consulting company, Style Konsult.


While I built Style Konsult, I realized the challenges image consultants face when finding the right clients. Also, clients struggle when finding the right image consultant.


There was no business platform where image consulting businesses build, grow, and expand. It led to the creation of the image consulting platform STYiLES. The STYiLES app was built to help image consultants and clients connect on one platform, improving the image consulting experience.


I initially approached the issue from a technical standpoint, then realized the problem was more operations than tech. I met with image consultants daily, which gave me the insight I needed.


With a better understanding of what I believed the issue was, I knew my solution had to be effective and easy to use. This was hard to pull as I struggled with iterations. It was not easy to build the product as I had to ensure equal dedication to both channels (image consultants and clients).


The first platform's version was built in February 2022, and the public beta was launched in September 2022. Since then, learning and building for our customers has been an exciting journey.


Welcome to STYiLES!

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