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Frequently Asked Questions

What is STYiLES?

STYiLES is the world's first image consulting platform created by Style Konsult to get image consulting sessions anytime, anywhere for instant results. STYiLES allows image consultants to give virtual consulting sessions while providing clients with an easy platform to find image consultants worldwide.

What is the Subscription fee?

The subscription fee is an image consultant fee to join the STYiLES platform as a member. It is a flat monthly or yearly fee. It applies only to image consultants. There is no membership for clients using the STYiLES platform.

Why do we charge the Subscripiton fee?

Having an image consulting service available anytime anywhere is so convenient, but operating an image consulting platform can be extremely costly. We need to cover technology costs and support to do this effectively. The subscription fee ensures we stay ahead of these costs and continue serving you, our deserving customers both image consultants and clients. We sincerely appreciate your patronage and look forward to surpassing image consulting standards as we establish ourselves as a household name for image consulting worldwide.

How do I create an account as a client on STYiLES?

You can click 'Log In' and create your account.

What is the payout plan for image consultants?

Payments are directly made to the image consultant's bank account via Stripe. The STYiLES take NO COMMISSIONS.

How do I sign up as an image consultant on STYiLES?

Send your image consulting business info to including your profile picture and bio. We will review and get back to you in a timely manner.

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