Winter Color Palette Image Consultants Need to Know

winter color palette for image consultants

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are getting colder. With this change also comes the need to dress differently. Though it may be fun to wear the same clothes all year, it can be a bit inappropriate during the winter months and so a winter color palette is essential.

Typically the winter months bring colder temperatures in most areas. IIn addition to staying warm during this period, all business professionals should keep a sophisticated outfit underneath their coats and scarves.

With this being said, a neutral color palette with a balanced number of accent colors is recommended. Some individuals may consider altering their wardrobe to be as drastic as changing their hair color. It is important to have an understanding of how color works as an image consultant so you can help your clients effectively.

Your clients’ personalities and professions also play a significant role when working with color palettes. Understanding colors as a consulting expert contributes not only to your clients’ style but also to your own knowledge.

So keep reading our tips for winter color palettes image consultants need to know!

Importance of a Color Palette

Putting pieces of clothing together is one thing, but what happens when all those pieces don’t match once you need to put them all together? One of the benefits of having a color palette is that it helps make those pieces fit together.

Understanding the fundamentals of color palettes will make the shopping experience much easier and result in more usable pieces of clothing. Having a well-grounded color palette can also help save money on unnecessary items of clothing.

winter color palette

Most people are guilty of have 1 ( or more) pieces of clothing that are difficult to pair with any other item in their wardrobe. That one item may require buying other unnecessary bits of clothing just to accommodate that one neon green dress shirt sitting in someone’s back closet.

As an image consultant or personal shopper, your duty is to help create a sensible color palette to avoid this problem. So having a color palette is important!

Creating a Color Palette

Now, this isn’t as difficult as college algebra, but it does take some patience and a basic understanding of the color wheel to get a well-balanced color palette. Image consultants need to help create a visual that eventually their clients will see and incorporate into their wardrobe.

Sounds easy, but trying to take any shortcuts can lead to having a failed color palette. With the proper steps, curating the best winter color palette can be as easy as making hot chocolate!

  • Your Base Colors

Now, this might be the most crucial part of any color palette. When people think winter, the typical Christmas colors pop up a majority of the time. Although looking like a Christmas tree might be festive, it’s not ideal for any profession ( unless your Stana).

This is where having a base winter color palette comes in hand.  Winter colors typically consist of cool and dark tones. During the winter months, base colors such as greys, blacks, beiges, and blues are essential ( also known as neutrals).

base winter color palette

These will be the colors worn most often and can be seen within reoccurring pieces of clothing like coats, skirts, pants, or shoes. Although brighter colors such as yellow or red and be used as a base color, the colors mentioned above are can be more suitable for winter and provide a more neutral and less intimidating base.

  • Accent Colors


accent winter color palette

Accent colors are also a must when creating a winter color palette. Incorporating accent colors help provide that “pop” to any color palette. Since the colors mentioned above have a neutral and calm impression, this gives room for accent colors to bring in bold contrast to help tie everything together.

Accent colors typically contrast the base colors, so some great accent colors included: reds, pinks, and brown. The great thing about accent colors is that they can come in a variety of shades which makes coordinating outfits effortlessly.

  • Work Closely With Your Clients

This tip is quite simple. Not all clients will have the same taste so communicating with your clients when creating their winter wardrobe is crucial to ensure their satisfaction. First, identify what the clients have going on in their closet and make a list of the colors you find. This list will help guide the accent colors you’ll use in their personalized winter color palette.

What to Take Away

The exciting thing about color palettes is that they will vary slightly based on your clientele.  Additions such as patterns or coordinating colors can be added to an existing color palette. One aspect that can remain the same and provide a solid foundation is the color of your base and accents.

Having said that, the key to understanding winter colors is that they’re dark and cool. Accent colors can help you style your client in a breeze by drawing attention to the base colors.

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