What to Wear to a New Year’s Eve Party

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A memorable year is coming to an end and it is very exciting to celebrate that remarkable moment. During New Year’s Eve, we feel the electricity in the air and we tend to be more emotional. It is a thrilling and magical experience to look back on all the good and the bad that the year has brought to us. We desire to make all of our wishes come true for the year ahead and to start afresh once again. That is a moment of pure joy and warmth that we should enjoy in style, saying goodbye to 2021 and welcoming 2022 with elegance and grace.

There are many festive styling options for men, but the outfit for a New Year’s Eve party should be extra special. That is why STYiLES recommends men to schedule a meeting with a professional image consultant who will make sure to build an extraordinary outfit for them to look stunning that amazing night. The key point is to build a harmonious outfit that is fancy, flashing and eye-catching as well as sophisticated and chic. Therefore, we are giving men essential tips on what to wear to a New Year’s Eve party.


 We are offering men some style tips for a New Year’s Eve party. By following our advice, men will be able to be themselves and dress in an original way while keeping it neat and smart. The most important thing is for men to feel comfortable and reflect their charisma in their outfits. They should look their best during the last hours of the year. No matter if you are an image consultant or a client, take good note of this styling advice to succeed with the New Year’s Eve festive looks.

1. Play with clothing layers and textures

 When reflecting on their New Year’s Eve party outfit, men should think: “If not now, when?” Therefore, we recommend that they go for a safe classic look or that they go a bit overboard playing with clothing layers and textures. Men must consider wearing a trendy and modern coat, a patterned shirt, a unique velvety blazer, slacks or Chinos and cool leather shoes. Combining a button-down shirt and leather jacket will create a very masculine and attractive outfit. Match a silky or satin shirt to make your outfit look much more mesmerizing. Both the image consultants and their clients have to pay special attention to the details and pour their soul into the outfit.

2. Balance the sparkling details in accessories and clothes

 It is necessary for men to think of a look which will make a difference without drawing too much attention, including garments with bright details. It could be a subtle metallic accessory or a velvet jacket. Those are the latest trend for festive looks and the star clothing items for Christmas. The key is to balance the sparkling details for them to not be too much, but to add to the outfit’s glamour.

3. Go for an elegant yet relaxed outfit with knitwear as the protagonist

 Another option is to go for a more urban cut, which will transmit the elegance and sophistication that the season demands at the same time that it will keep the outfit relaxed. A nicely-designed sweater or knitwear will work. The secret is to choose the right well-fitting pants and accessories that will make the difference and give a singular touch to men’s outfits. Some dark jeans will be appropriate for this kind of look and a good watch, a silver necklace or cufflinks will upgrade the overall look. Finally, Chelsea boots, white sneakers or loafers would look fine for the elegantly relaxed footwear.

4. Wear a custom-tailored suit to a formal event

 In case a man wants to be more formal, it would be great that he wears a custom-tailored suit with a customized tie which suits him well. A tailored button-down and a gorgeous charcoal gray suit is an impeccable combination. The jacket is optional for indoor parties, but a man has to bring it to the party anyway. He will look like a total gentleman and that formula will be a complete success. The main point is that men chose high-quality shirts and pants as the fundamental clothes to create a dashing outfit.


1. The type of suit a man wears to work

 Men can obviously wear a suit to a New Year’s Eve party, but that does not mean that they should choose the one they wear to work on a daily basis. If a man likes to be more formal, he should get a suit that is more original and festive. Even a slim fit blazer paired with pleated pants will work. In case he wants to be braver with his look, he can go for a set in velvet or corduroy.

2. Light jeans and tracksuits

 The special night requires more than just your usual light jeans, so men should try on their best pair of pants and shoes. It is convenient to wear tailored trousers that fit them perfectly. On the other hand, matching sportswear with formal wear and jewelry does not work. A man must not attend a New Year’s Eve party looking like he has just come out of the gym, but wearing tailored pants to not look sloppy.

3. Gray and other ordinary colors

 Neon or pastel colors are definitely forbidden for a festive outfit. It is wrong to dress in an exaggerated way or to wear clothes which do not stand out at all. However, we like the idea of an appealing ‘all-black’ outfit. It may seem boring, but a man will stand out among the other people at the party even more. Suitable christmassy colors we like are: dark green and orange, navy blue, burgundy, white, brown and beige.

4. The office sweater

 Basic sweaters are pretty and functional, but a man should not wear them for a New Year’s Eve party. Another clothing item that we consider prohibited is a Christmas sweater. It is best to wear knitted vests and sweaters that have a thoughtful design to make a good impact on others.


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