12 Ways to Boost Your Online Presence as an Image Consultant

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Image consultants must boost their online presence in order to promote their businesses, keep their clients engaged and show their potential clients how they can benefit from their services. First impressions are important and your website is the cover letter of your business. That is why you should create an attractive and informative website with all the details about the services and products you provide. It is the first step to develop a strong online presence. Then, you need to build a profile on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. The most effective way to increase your online presence as an image consultant is to share quality content on social networks, such as educational posts about fashion, grooming, lifestyle and trends.

Even if you are a really skilled and talented image consultant, you will not get many clients if you do not build an online presence based on SEO and marketing strategies. The Internet is the world’s biggest showcase to advertise your work. Show to your future clients how you will enhance their style and image through clear and well-structured information. Your company’s sites have to be visible on the first pages of Google for your brand to not disappear in the immensity of the online sphere. Therefore, STYiLES is giving image consultants key tips to increase the online presence and reputation of their companies.


1. Upload quality content

Your website and social media must offer valuable and unique content to attract the users’ interest. They may become potential clients. We advise you to create a thorough content strategy, since it is perfect for knowing what your team has to publish, in which platform, when and why. Developing an efficient strategy will have a direct impact on the degree of visibility of your brand on search engines. It is better to concentrate your efforts on the content’s quality instead of the quantity. That way, you will connect with your clients. Moreover, reply to your followers’ comments and answer their questions about the content you publish.

Your website has to be special and different from all the millions of sites that appear on search engines such as Google, most of them of poor quality. Distinctive and original content is also based on the footage and each word within the page. Every image, adjective and verb posted on a website make it more singular and outstanding. This will give your company a better result in terms of SEO positioning.

2. Keep your website updated

The website that promotes your business needs to be constantly updated with the latest news and events. Make sure to work with a dynamic and diligent team that uploads great content. The team should be divided into marketing, design and copywriting. All the departments and sections have to be coordinated.

Once your potential clients see that you care about the way you present your business, they will trust the company more and make the decision to purchase your products or book your services. There is a higher possibility of being noticed among hundreds of competitors if all the content you post is updated. Your website and social media profiles must stand out. Highlight your strengths and show them to the world.

3. Bet on a successful SEO strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important strategies to gain online presence. Having an appropriate SEO strategy as well as an optimized website will help you reach more users who search for concrete services and products. If your website and social networks are optimized, the user who types keywords like “image consulting”, “makeover”, “style”, “fashion”, “grooming” or “enhancement” will find your website and social media profiles at the top of search engines. Think about how to place keywords strategically to make it easier for potential clients to find you. 

Manage to position yourself among the first pages so that your visibility increases and you attract more traffic to your website and social media. It is worth investing in SEO strategies. Another technique to gain online presence is to file each photo by its name, description and keyword. Although this will not generate visits directly, you will get your images linked in searches and you will receive more traffic indirectly.

4. Follow the latest trends in web design

Every company must be up to date with the latest trends in web design. Nowadays, mobile-friendly web design is determining. The vast number of web visitors on mobile devices visit websites that are adapted to mobile phones’ screens. Other trends in web design are: including background videos and interactive designs with movement. Staying up to date with the latest web design trends will also help you rank higher on search engines and offer an excellent user experience.

5. Start a blog with WordPress

Create a complete blog with a content management system like WordPress, which has become more and more popular in the last few years. The pages made with this content manager have more quality every day and they are the ones that gain the most followers. WordPress is an easy CMS system that allows professionals to publish high-quality articles. Image consultants should have SEO experts and copywriters to post optimized blog posts.

 The titles of the blog articles are really important if you want users to stop everything they are doing and read your post. The posts will be more successful if the titles are striking and informative. Copywriters have to write titles and headlines that stand out and engage your potential clients. They must also include the keywords that work best for each post to rank high on search engines.

6. Design the content with your clients and Google in mind

When you design your content strategy, you must take into account two things: that you write for people and for Google. Do not upload your posts with excessive keywords to position yourself better in search engines. It is relevant that users do not read your posts thinking that they have been written by a robot. The copy has to be written in a natural way.

In addition, it is important to choose the best keywords. If you use the most common ones, you will compete with many other pages. However, if you add precise keywords, you will have a much better chance that users will find your blog posts and articles. Although the essence of the keywords is similar, choosing the correct keyword will make you have many more visits to your posts and website.

7. Publish ads on Google Adwords

A good shortcut to quickly gain online presence is to complement the rest of your strategies with a competent Google Adwords campaign. It is essential to carry out a preliminary study of keywords which can attract the target that interests you the most for the campaign to work well. We recommend that you include ‘long tail’ words to reach more users.

8. Define a PPC and Ads campaign

Defining a PPC and Ads campaign will allow you to segment well so that you can reach potential clients who may really be interested in your business. Launch a campaign to increase your online presence. You can start doing it with a limited budget and, simultaneously, try several options to see which one works best. Select the type of campaign that best suits your objectives. If you want to expand the online presence of your website, it is best if you launch a campaign by providing the link to your homepage.

9. Develop a SEM strategy

A SEO strategy is indispensable to be visible in search engines, but its results usually take time. If what you look for is to be quickly found, consider placing paid ads in search engines through a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy. Both SEO and SEM strategies can be complementary: some keywords are more convenient for organic positioning and others for placing ads.

10. Add your website to business directories

 Adding your website to various professional business directories is an effective way to attract clients. However, there are many directories that are not as qualified as you think they may be. Select those that are really professional to benefit from the advantages of having an alternative online showcase. Being part of quality directories like Yelp or Google Plus will directly increase your online presence.

11. Do mobile and email marketing

Google has long prioritized mobile content in its rankings, so having a well-adapted site for mobile devices is essential. Adapt your strategy to mobiles, for example: podcasts, voice searches, mobile-specific search ads or email marketing. People tend to surf the Internet on their mobile phones. On the other hand, most users check their emails on a daily basis. Email marketing is one of the most efficient strategies that can help you strengthen your online presence by establishing a closer relationship with your clients. Make the most of it and do not miss your chance to upgrade the client experience.

12. Create video content

Videos are a very popular format and they generate more interaction. There are many different ways to incorporate video into your marketing strategies: create a YouTube channel, attach videos to your blog articles, share short videos on social networks like TikTok or Instagram Stories, broadcast live… Upload videos about fashion, style, grooming, lifestyle, behavior or communication. There are a lot of possibilities for you to improve your online presence as an image consultant. Be creative and innovative to attract attention and interest.

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