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As the year nears its end, holiday shopping becomes crucial for many. During this week’s blog post, we’ll highlight the top five shopping tips every image consultant should know to take advantage of holiday rushes.

1. Identifying What you Want and Need

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When it comes to shopping during the holidays, one of the most important things to decipher is priorities. Having a list provided by the clients is an excellent source of insight and will give you an idea for creating the perfect shopping plan.

But first, identifying the essentials can reduce confusion so that time can be saved. The key is to successfully maneuver around large traffic of buyers at one location. This is also important because without distinguishing what you need, you can become lost in fulfilling your role to provide for the client.

Moreover, you want to create an efficient and adept experience in shopping by knowing what is truly needed.  And if there is a budget to follow, make sure you follow it accordingly.

2. Knowing Where to Shop

Next, comes the part of knowing where to shop. Although tricky on the surface, you can overcome this by subscribing to various business store emails, newsletters, and reward programs. The holiday season is a big one for email marketing campaigns, so you’ll be able to receive updates on the latest sales and narrow down which shops to check out.  This also helps with keeping the shopping process convenient and easier when you know where to buy products from. In addition, another strong aspect of knowing where to shop is by following a Business social media account.

Additionally, this helps with promoting awareness of reasonable deals and you can also compare these prices to other businesses’ offers. One of the best things you can do during holiday shopping for clients is stay two steps ahead of everything.

Becoming knowledgeable on which store provides the best value for your client’s budget will keep you up to afloat. Also, keep an eye out for digital events like cyber Monday to participate in.

3. Keeping Focus

The third tip for Image Consultants to know about shopping is to keep focus. Although it may seem tempting at first to browse and look at eye-catching products, you need to keep focused. You want to constantly reassure yourself that you are on a mission and be aware of the items that are a necessity. Furthermore, there will be various flashy promotions and deals on different items, but don’t let it distract you. One other thing to emulate when holiday shopping is following the request of clients.

Therefore, you will be more focused on obtaining what you need. This will not only help deliver excellent customer service but will also demonstrate keenness.

Your focus is fulfilling your role of arranging beneficial items on the client’s list. In essence, by staying on track with your purpose and clients’ requests, you will become well-conducted in shopping endeavors.

4. Who Will You Go With?

The fourth step is deciding on who to take or tag along with when shopping. This is an open-ended outlet based on personal choice. Because holiday shopping can become tricky, having a few extra hands can be a great help. Typically, it is not recommended to go shopping with others because it poses a further distraction, but having an assistant to help keep you on track can make the shopping experience more successful.

For example, you can split your shopping to assigned stores during days that feature deals and other specials. This is flexible, motivating, and fun as you sometimes get to discover new business and inspiration to build better gifts.

In summary,  going shopping with a trusted assistant or colleague will provide positive guidance when shopping.

5. Have a Backup Plan

Lastly, it’s important to have a backup plan when shopping during the holidays. It is almost like an Olympic competition to purchase products for clients during this festive season. And because of this, sometimes there may be certain items at a store or business that sell faster due to demand. When you have a backup plan, you are more likely to find the same item at other shopping outlets. As a bonus, it may prove to be better as it comes at a lower price than originally planned.

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One thing to consider when shopping this holiday season is purchasing products for clients sooner. Sometimes as a signed member of a business, you can receive priority or first access to certain items. In any case, there is also the communication of having updates on future shipping statuses. Ultimately, you should always be prepared in your shopping endeavors in case anything goes astray from your original plans.

How Image Consultants Can Benefit from the Top Five Shopping Tips

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In conclusion, from identifying priorities, knowing where and who to shop with, and having a plan B, we thrive. The holidays pose as some of the most memorable, challenging, yet motivating times for Image consultants. Furthermore, shopping becomes a stamp of prime activity and can showcase your expertise to your clients. To make your experiences easier,  you can get all the assistance you would ever need in the convenience of an app sign!

There is a huge advantage for image consultants in managing the services and products they offer through a mobile app. There is nothing more convenient to your clients than an application that contains all the information of the products and services you sell as well as the option to book or shop for them. Through ‎STYiLES App, you will be able to provide high-end custom-tailoring wardrobes for all seasons as well as personal shopping services in order to offer clients stylish looks.

We wish you luck in your shopping journey’s this festive season!

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