12 Tips to Start and Grow Your Image Consulting Business

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Founding an image consulting business requires passion, ambition, preparation and dedication. There are many factors that image consultants have to take into account in order to establish a thriving company: the target, the company’s purpose and values, the marketing strategy, the team… Building your own business is not easy, but it is worth it. The process demands effort, commitment and great responsibility. It is possible to do it if you have the necessary tools and knowledge.

Before starting an image consulting business, you must be certain that it is your aspiration to own your company and that you are ready to face all the challenges ahead. Gain expertise and become a good professional to offer the finest services and be recommended to new clients. That will increase the chances of growing and consolidating yourself in the market. STYiLES is giving key advice on how to start and grow an image consulting business. Find out how to succeed as the founder of your company and what responsibilities you will have.


1. Define your target clients

You need to specify which kind of clients or businesses you will work with. To start off on the right foot, you must define the profile of your target clients and think about which needs they may have. If you want to work with everyone, you will end up working with no one. It is best if your business is focused on a concrete target to increase the quality of your services.

You will be going around pointlessly trying to adapt to all potential clients if you do not know who you want to work with. For this reason, you would spend more time getting clients and convincing them of your value than working. Time is precious and you should make the most of it. So, determine who your ideal clients are, where to find them and how you can help them.

2. Create your own brand

All companies need an identity that represents them to be recognized. Without a personal logo and a memorable identity, people would not identify your image consulting business. Demonstrating your values and strengths through the quality of your brand is the first step to become a successful image consultant. Showing your brand’s image is surely the first contact you will have with your potential clients, so think about the design of the business’ logo and profile thoroughly.

3. Understand the project

Above all, you have to be persistent and passionate about your job. Do not give up and believe in yourself to achieve all your goals. The only way to carry out your job well is by understanding its purpose and mission. This way, you will know if the needs of your client adjust to your values and to the services you provide.

A good relationship between image consultants and their clients is based on mutual trust and understanding. Comprehend what your client wants from the beginning, since an image consultant works to enhance their clients’ styles and lives for them to become a better version of themselves.

4. Promote yourself through a marketing strategy

Most of your potential clients will find your business through social media and search engines. First of all, you should write down your business plan. Then, you will be able to see more clearly how you can promote yourself to get those potential clients. Therefore, you must know that it is essential for image consultants to promote their business with campaigns that make sense and catch people’s attention. You and your team must work on designing a marketing strategy related to fashion, style, lifestyle, grooming and behavior.

Create a blog and upload educational posts on social media with great designs. That way, your business will grow. Furthermore, you can expand your network of contacts by attending conferences, connecting with leaders in the industry on social networks and joining online communities related to your interests. For example, LinkedIn is a good platform to contact other professionals and get new projects. Build your profile correctly and do not underestimate yourself to transmit confidence and security.

5. Design an attractive website

To be successful in the image consulting industry, you have to build a place to display your work. Every potential client will want to see what you have worked on, and the best way to do it is to share a link to your website. We recommend that you work with a team of designers and copywriters to create an optimized and engaging website. One way to do it is to upload footage of your work by showing some steps of your consultations so that you not only present the final result, but also the process of how you work.

6. Give 110% to your customers

Treating your current clients well is the best way to get new ones. The positive or negative comments your clients make about the work you have done for them will either boost or harm your reputation as an image consultant. You want to offer an excellent customer experience in order to satisfy your clients and feel fulfilled.

Keep your clients pleased by offering the best products and personalized services to each of them. The main point of image consulting is to customize the items and services that you provide to help every client individually. Once you have a list of clients who are satisfied with your work, you will get many more thanks to their good comments about you and your work.

7. Manage your time well

One of the main qualities that image consultants must have is discipline. The president of an image consulting business needs to carry out plenty of tasks every day: meetings with their team, consultations with different clients, email work… Consequently, managing your time well is a key point to stay focused and energetic. Adapt well to the schedules or establish working hours based on your performance. Above all, know your limits and rest to keep a healthy body and mind. Then, you will be ready to do your best and satisfy your clients.

8. Learn to say NO and work with a trustworthy team

If you do not have time to work on another project, it is important to be able to realize it and say NO. It may be uncomfortable at first, but it is the fairest thing for you and your current clients. You must make sure that you have enough time for your customers so you offer them the best service. An extra customer at the wrong time can lead you to lower the quality of the final product and, as a consequence, you will have unsatisfied customers. So, you should work with a trustworthy team that helps you carry out specific tasks.

9. Build a network with experienced image consultants

If you join a network or a community, your chances of becoming a recognized image consultant will increase. Check among your contacts in search of profiles that complement yours and can be of help at specific times. Create professional relationships with image consultants with whom you can collaborate on projects for your clients, allowing you to offer high-quality services. As well, you will be able to learn from them and improve your image consulting skills.

10. Stay up to date

The image consulting business is constantly evolving. The past trends are no longer popular today. You should follow the pace of the industry by learning the latest trends in the creative field to build modern and chic outfits with high-end clothes. Be active on social networks like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Also, read fashion and beauty magazines on a regular basis.

11. Keep learning and improving

An image consultant needs confidence, which can be achieved by improving your skills through practice and new knowledge. Whenever you have time, read articles and work on personal projects to put into practice the consulting methods that you learned. Participate in events, conferences, workshops or courses on topics that will improve your skills and your services. Remember that practice makes perfect.

12. Administer your finances well

As your business becomes successful and you get more clients, you have to organize and track your expenses and payments in addition to reviewing your expense/income accounts. We recommend you to work with financial management experts who plan and control your financial activities. This will make your finances easier to manage throughout the year so you avoid any kind of problem with the regulations.

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