Tips on How to be a Successful Image Consultant & Personal Shopper

Image Consultation

As an image consultant, you always want to make sure that you are providing your clients with no less than the best. Sometimes, with so many new styles and designers out there, it can be hard to keep up. What are the newest trends? What are the best products? How can you get more clients? Well, in this blog that is exactly what we are here to help you with. We want to help you grow and become the most successful image consultant you can be. So, keep on reading to learn about everything you need to do to become a successful image consultant.

1. Stay Current

As an image consultant, or personal shopper, it is crucial to stay on top of trends. You wouldn’t want to recommend something that is outdated or out of fashion would you? Stay current by reading blogs and fashion magazines, following fashion handles on Instagram and Twitter and scrolling through Tik Tok. Tik Tok is more new of course, but you would be surprised how much info you can get being on there for a few minutes. In fact, a lot of the time nowadays, new trends are started off when someone goes viral. 

Another important factor of being a successful image consultant is sourcing. Make sure that you are sourcing new collections and brands for your clients. This is a really important step in the process because you want to make sure to provide your clients with amazing products and styles. When helping them with the image styling process, you want them to feel comfortable with you. They want to know that you actually care about helping them succeed with their goal. Do not come across sales oriented. They will spot that right away and immediately know that you are not genuine. Being personable, caring, and genuine are three characteristics you will need to be successful as an image consultant.


2. Beneath the Surface

Although your title is technically about fixing their image, your journey does not end there. Of course you want to make them and help them look good. However, beyond that you want to also improve their behavior and communication. How a person looks is important but is it only surface level. The way you are perceived is a big part of the process. At the end of the day, no matter what anyone does, someone somewhere won’t like you or your personality. However, this does not mean that we give up. Being a genuine person with good manners, hygiene and a hard worker all come with the package. You don’t want to stop at looking good. Go past that and make your client an all around stunner from the inside out.


3. Help Yourself Too

Another important tip is always being prepared to meet new clients. When you’re out at dinner with friends or spending alone time, make sure to always keep an eye out. You never know when you’ll meet someone who needs a little help. That is one of the best parts about being an image consultant. You can really meet a new potential client anywhere in the world. Keep your business cards handy and dress for success. Personal branding is key! If you don’t look the part, don’t expect people to think you know what you’re doing. Would you take advice from someone in mismatched clothes and not groomed? Most probably not. Look the part and be confident. It is easy to spot the different between confidence and uncertain in a second. Be kind, gracious and confident. Dress well, take care of yourself both physically and mentally. You can only help others after you help yourself. You know when you’re on a plane, and the flight attendant does her little safety speech and tells you that in case of an emergency to put the mask on yourself first and then someone else? In the same manner, if you don’t look and feel confident and ready first, you won’t be able to help anyone else.

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