Survival Tips for Image Consultants during Covid

An image consultant working from home because of Covid

The pandemic cannot be a limitation for any professional who is determined to work just as they did before Covid spread around the world. That applies to all image consultants and stylists who need to carry on with their consultations and appointments alone from their office or home. Technology allows us to be connected and communicate just as if we were face to face. The virtual meetings are the best option for the client and the image consultant to maintain a constant interaction throughout the makeover process.

STYiLES is one of the best and most effective tools for image consultants to learn how to carry out a long-distance job and to get great resources that will allow them to keep their clients close. STYiLES allows stylists to work just as they wish to no matter the conditions. Now, we are giving survival tips to help image consultants overcome Covid and work with confidence and comfort.

1. Get fashion inspiration online

Spend an hour or two of your work days researching on the Internet what are the latest trends in the world of fashion. Look for the hottest clothes and accessories on the websites of both famous and flourishing brands, read blogs about style and watch the fashion shows. In addition, you can communicate with other professional stylists through video calls. All fashion experts should exchange knowledge, ideas and creations to give each other helpful feedback. Social networks and online live chats are very useful to get information and learn how to master your field. You have to keep getting inspiration about lifestyle, image and style from home, despite not being able to go out that much.

2. Take care of your mental health because of Covid

It is possible that you feel oversaturated with work and too involved in the company 24 hours a day because you have to spend a lot of time working alone without your team being close to you. It is important that you organize your day well and take time to disconnect from work. Do not hesitate to ask for help in case you feel stressed or overwhelmed. Your headspace has to be clear and stable. Only then, will you be able to perform your tasks and consultations successfully when working with your clients and your team.

3. Get enough sleep and follow your own lifestyle advice

In the same way that you advise your clients to sleep so they keep their body and mind healthier, you also have to do it. Sleep at least eight hours every day and do not skim meals. On the other hand, make sure to do an appropriate skincare routine and to take a relaxing shower as daily rituals. Those little habits will clear your mind and keep your skin, hair and body looking youthful. Preach by example.

4. Distribute well the meetings and consultations on your schedule

It may disorient you to not leave your home or office when attending an appointment or meeting. Also, it can be harder to put more time limits on your schedule. Therefore, use applications like Google Calendar to be clear about your exact agenda for each day. Even without having to move from one place to another to meet a client or buy clothes in a physical store, your time is just as precious and it cannot be delayed. Be responsible and consistent.

5. Make the most out of video calls and the online tools

It is very convenient for the image consultant or stylist to get the most out of each video call and consultation with their clients. Conversations about style, lifestyle and image will flow just as if the stylist and the client were together. The image consultant can see the face, clothes and body of the client and may ask him to show his closet or drawers to assess his situation. Moreover, it is possible for the client to take his own body measurements so the stylist sends him custom-tailored clothes and accessories.

The option of “sharing screen” allows the image consultant to show the client different fashion and style examples. They can even shop online together. Like that, there are infinite digital possibilities for the image consultants to carry out their work in an accurate and correct way without the need/ to have direct contact with their clients.

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