Style Konsult launches the updated STYiLES App


The new version of the STYiLES app improves the user experience of clients, image consultants, and merchants.

New York City. September 1st, 2022 – Style Konsult has launched the updated version of the STYiLES app. The global platform brings the perfect look, global reach, and increased revenues to image-conscious clients, professional image consultants, and specialized merchants.

Through the STYiLES app, clients can enjoy a premium image consulting experience with 360° personalized styling, shopping, and consulting services provided by elite professionals whenever and wherever they need. As well, image consultants and merchants are able to grow their business, increase their revenue, promote their brand, and widen their network.

The enhanced version of the STYiLES app features a new client booking service for customers to find the image consultants that meet their needs and schedule the consultations efficiently, both in person and online. The client management option assists image consultants in arranging the clients’ information and requests. Moreover, the live private chat allows clients to communicate with their image consultants. Exclusive resources, easy ordering, and express shipping worldwide are other features that make the STYiLES app the definitive platform for elite image consulting and styling.

The STYiLES app aims to take the image consulting business to the next level by providing useful tools to clients, image consultants, and merchants. The app offers high-quality products, upscale personal shopping, custom tailoring, and client booking, all on one platform. With the STYiLES app, you can order Korean-made custom-tailored clothing, K-beauty products, and European accessories and have them delivered in 14 business days anywhere in the world.

The launch of the updated STYiLES app comes in the midst of Style Konsult, its parent company, achieving a number of key milestones after having hundreds of satisfied clients and SK members. Also, the expert image consultant and creator of the app, Jen Auh, published her first book on August 22nd and it has become a #1 International Bestseller. The book, STYiLES, is the ultimate guide to creating an elite image consulting business.

The STYiLES app is the smartest way to connect image-conscious clients, professional image consultants, and specialized merchants, all on one platform. Download it now on App Store or Google Play and start enjoying your premium image consulting experience.


Style Konsult is an image consulting agency that offers image and lifestyle solutions for men. Founded by Jen Auh, with 20+ years of experience in the beauty and fashion industry. She has created the STYiLES app in a mission to revolutionize the elite image consulting business. With just a few clicks, the global platform provides premium products and high-end customized clothing, delivered within 14 business days. The STYiLES app brings the perfect look, global reach, and increased revenues at your fingertips.

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