6 STYiLES Features that Help Image Consultants Improve their Services

STYiLES App Features

Become the best image consultant you can be by polishing your services and growing your remote makeover business or image consulting company. STYiLES is a user-friendly and secure app that offers image consultants all they need to improve their services and upgrade their business. Some of the profitable and practical features of the app are personal shopping, custom tailoring, easy ordering and express shipping worldwide.

STYiLES is focused on helping image consultants become the best experts in the image, fashion and style consulting field. It also provides detailed information and advice for image consultants to enhance their services so their clients are more satisfied throughout the personalized makeover process. Read this article to find out how you can benefit from using the app.


In case you are an image consultant who is wondering how to grow your styling and image consulting business, STYiLES is the right app for you to use in order to get all the answers and products you need. The app is a great online platform that has been created by image consultants for image consultants, which covers all the requirements to upgrade image consulting services.  Here are some of the key features of the app:

Personal shopping

Do you find it hard to select the highest-quality clothing and accessories for your clients? STYiLES offers a wide selection of finest products from luxury brands that will make it much easier for you to build stylish and elegant outfits for your clients. It is more convenient to choose everything you need with a few clicks instead of having to search many pages and shops in order to find superior items. Moreover, as you will see in the following point, STYiLES provides the option to order custom-tailored clothing that will fit your clients perfectly.

Custom tailoring

An image consultant has to understand the value that custom-tailored clothes have for their clients. Custom tailoring is the best option to build neat and smart wardrobes. Therefore, dive into the world of custom tailoring to chic and refined looks for your clients. Start by taking the measurements of your clients’ bodies and choosing supreme fabrics. Then, use STYiLES custom tailoring service to order the most fashionable men’s clothing. The customized clothes will be shipped to your clients in a maximum of 14 business days.

Selection of high-end fabrics

As we have explained previously, it is very important to shop clothes for your clients that are made with excellent fabrics. The most essential step to upgrade a look is to wear clothes that look new, clean and of good quality. That is why STYiLES offers image consultants a selection of high-end fabrics that are amazing to use in the custom tailoring process.

Each fabric is more or less convenient for every item and season of the year. The app shows image consultants which are the prime fabrics for every garment. On the other hand, we assure that the products that we offer from luxury brands are also made with the best fabrics in the market. Make your clients shine in style and look flawless for every occasion with STYiLES.

Easy ordering

The app is designed to make it easier for image consultants to select the products and services they need, add them to cart and proceed to checkout. Use STYiLES to enjoy a very intuitive and effective personal shopping service. From the moment you start using the app, you will realize that there is no better way of upgrading the quality and speed of your services. Save time and effort with STYiLES!

Express shipping worldwide in 14 business days

STYiLES is the perfect app for image consultants to use when they are working remotely. In case you are offering image consulting and styling services in a virtual sphere, the app will be of much help to ship all the sophisticated clothing and accessories directly to your clients in less than 14 business days. This is a fundamental feature for a business to be more competent and successful, since it improves the overall client experience.

Expert advice and useful styling tips

Apart from the personal shopping and custom tailoring services, STYiLES also gives image consultants the most useful tips to learn how to boost their business and revamp their services. From tips about becoming more successful to advice on how to select first-class fabrics, STYiLES provides valuable and in-depth information for image consultants to become unmatched professionals.

Download the STYiLES app now on App Store or Google Play to start enjoying a premium image consulting experience. The app is the smartest way to connect image-conscious clients, professional image consultants, and specialized merchants, all on one platform.

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