Solutions to the Challenges of an Image Consulting Business

An image consultant facing a challenge

It can be challenging to establish your image consulting business in the market. You have to promote your services and make a good impression on your potential clients in order to sell your products and services in an effective way. Also, you must stay up-to-date on all of the current fashion trends and show a gentle tact when it comes to analyzing your clients’ images. There are key points that STYiLES wants to share with image consultants to help them in the process of sorting out the challenges of their image consulting business.

The first thing to take into account when building and growing an image consulting business is a clear organization. Along the way, you have to start making decisions and clarify what you want to achieve and which marketing and business strategies you will develop to make it possible. In other words, which market fit you will target, who are your potential clients and which quality products and services you will offer them. The clearer and more specific your vision is, the better, since your energy and resources will be directed more efficiently.

The second point is differentiation. It is important that you manage to stand out by marketing your services in a different way and exploring other market niches that your competition has not reached yet. Above all, as the boss of your image consulting company, you must build a personal and professional image which shows that you are as expert as unique. This is achieved when you manage to communicate who you are and what you want to achieve through your marketing strategy and services. Like that, you will attract the type of clients who can relate to you. You will show them that you can help solve their problems in a helpful and genuine way.


1. Setting a working schedule

Sometimes, it can be hard to coordinate the consultations with your clients and the office work based on your availability. So, determine the hours in which you can offer your services and arrange your other work accordingly. Although your working schedule will depend on the needs of your clients to a large extent, it is convenient to have a base calendar in which you can define your availability to research and have meetings with your team.

2. Legalizing your business

It may be overwhelming to obtain the necessary licenses, registering your business and acquiring the necessary certificates. All these types of procedures are necessary when consolidating your business to guarantee customers the legitimacy of the activity and, at the same time, comply with the requirements referred to by the government entity of your city. Consequently, ask for help and contact specialized lawyers and legal experts that can help you in the process.

3. Starting your image consulting business

After the above preparations, the most awaited and entangled moment arrives. You have to present your business to the public and find a place in the market. To do this, you can start with various methods of advertising, including creating a website and profiles at social networks, sending emails to companies where there could be potential customers, among others. There are many risks that you have to take in the process, but you will succeed if you stay confident and perseverant. Be focused and work with a trustworthy team that helps you with the marketing and creative tasks.

4. Being your own boss

Image consultants who are used to working in corporations at an office, having a certain schedule, a fixed salary… have to change their mindsets and be determined to become their own boss. You have to define your working routine, the values and mission of your business, your team, etc. Moreover, image consultants can rent an office where they meet with clients and work with their team, but still they will also work at their own place to organize the consultations and do other tasks.

5. Working with different types of people

The job of an image consultant requires working with many types of people. Therefore, you have to develop social skills in order to communicate with your clients well and adapt to each of their personalities. An image consultant works with people and constantly shares information. It is very important to be flexible because personal stylists and image consultants need to understand their clients for them to define what is really necessary for them. It is a challenge that you can overcome with dedication and patience.

6. Building client loyalty

One of the hardest steps for image consultants is when they finish their courses, practice and preparation, and then try to start getting clients because they have not made a name for themselves yet. You have to work hard and prove your skills in order to have loyal, regular clients and to become renowned in a field. Offer your customers premium services, treat them with empathy and honesty and show them that you are the perfect image consultant for them. It is important to build your brand, create a portfolio and get customer reviews.


  • Your service requires detailed planning to meet the needs of your clients, so it is very important that you offer a great client experience and give useful advice to your customers. Trust your knowledge and skills to offer a variety of world-class image consulting services, because the quality of your business depends on it and so your clients will feel safe and confident working with you.
  • Image consultants need to have good people skills. Knowing how to understand people and connect with your clients is essential for the success of an image consulting business. Communication skills are fundamental for any image consultant.
  • Select the message you want to convey and create your personal brand image. Your brand image must be consistent across all forms of marketing such as social networks profiles, business cards and your website.
  • It is necessary to develop a network of contacts before starting and running a consulting business. Attending seminars and events are important aspects of building relationships with other professionals. It is essential for image consultants to create a reputation that grows through word of mouth from satisfied clients.
  • Finding a niche can bring in more clients. If you have experience with businessmen and entrepreneurs, you can specialize in image consulting for this group of people. Working exclusively with men or women is also a niche to consider. Specialize to reach a market fit that connects with the values of your company.


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