Rebranding to Become an Elite Image Consultant

Rebrand as an image consultant

If you have been working as an image consultant for several years, you know that your business can grow and you can attract high-end clients who could benefit from your services. You are more than capable to scale your business, increase your influence, and bring in seven-figure income. The essential steps to do that are:

  • Identifying the best resources
  • Making the right connections
  • Attracting high-end clients
  • Offer personalized, quality services
  • Get paid what you are worth


In your rebranding journey, you should always stay confident. When you act and speak with confidence, others pay attention to what you say and trust you. Your confidence presents you as an authority figure in your field and gives credibility to your line of work.

With your guidance, your clients become aspirational to become the best version of themselves. Read the personal story of the founder of Style Konsult & STYiLES and image consultant, Jen Auh, to learn about a real case of successful rebranding in the image consulting industry:


In 2016, Jen was living the corporate life in California when she started giving makeovers to her guy friends for fun and for free. Word spread and commissioned customers started asking for her services. Image consulting became a part-time job that Jen did on the side.

When some clients needed clothing sizes outside of what was available, she started looking into custom tailoring solutions. Jen checked all over the States, but the prices were too high, and turnaround times were too slow. An associate advised her to check out Korea’s custom tailoring market. So, she headed to Korea, where she’d be able to get high-quality garments in almost no time at all.

Jen decided to move to Korea within a month. She arrived in July of 2017 and started setting up a men’s custom tailoring business, SUIT MAKE. Jen rebranded herself from corporate employee to successful business owner.


The image consulting that Jen did back in the States didn’t stop when she opened SUIT MAKE. Ordering custom clothing allows customers to pick the material, the color, the buttons… but many men don’t know what choices will look best on them. Jen wanted to help them choose the items that would make them look most attractive

Moreover, she provides guidance on how to do their hair, skin care, present themselves in meetings, and feel more confident. She needed to rebrand herself as an image consultant who offers men head-to-toe transformations and lifestyle advice. That is when Style Konsult was born.


Jen Auh’s rebranding story isn’t yet over. The custom clothing that she was providing for clients started to catch other image consultants’ eyes. Even tailors and designers from all over the world were asking if she could order products for their customers too. This business is all about helping people, so she said yes. Then, Jen built the STYiLES app to expand access to other image consultants, including you.

With the app, you can order Korean-made custom-tailored clothing, K-beauty products, and European accessories and have them shipped anywhere in the world in 14 business days. Also, you can add your clients to your accounts so they book your image consulting services using the app. The app brings you more business and a wider network.


Jen Auh’s clients are mainly men who are busy and make decisions all day long. That is why she steps in as a solution for the decision fatigue that results from the demands of their high-pressure lives.

Every time Jen meets with a client, she provides actionable steps that they can take toward improving their appearance and the way they carry themselves. These men accept Jen’s advice because that is what they are looking for: simple answers to follow.

Some of these men have used personal shoppers or stylists before, but they didn’t get the results they wanted. The men were looking for simple solutions. They trust Jen because she speaks with confidence and she understands their needs

You should follow the same process to rebrand while building a great personal brand:

  • Find your ideal market fit
  • Understand their needs
  • Build strong relationships with your clients
  • Provide high-quality services that meet their expectations
  • Keep in touch with your clients and provide solutions in a timely manner


The STYiLES app is a must-have tool for image consultants. It offers exclusive resources and premium features to rebrand and scale their business, such as: client management and booking, personal shopping, and custom tailoring. Download the app now on App Store or Google Play to take your image consulting business to the next level.

As well, Jen Auh shares useful advice on how to build an elite image consulting business in her first book, from defining your market fit to communicating well with clients. The book is a #1 International Bestseller, so get your copy and learn more about the world of elite image consulting.

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