How to Project Confidence as an Image Consultant

Project confidence as an image consultant

When you work with a client, you do more than give them a new wardrobe. Your job as an image consultant is to deliver confidence. You can do that because you are fully confident about who you are and how you advise your clients.

Be firm in your conviction that you have the best solutions. “When you speak with confidence, others listen. Confidence is the voice that leads to positive results,” says the founder of Style Konsult & STYiLES and image consultant, Jen Auh, in her first book.

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Jen has built her business around confidence and created the Style Konsult method. At Style Konsult, she focuses on image consulting for men. The clients are primarily businessmen in their 30s and 40s who are leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs.

These men are busy making decisions all day long. Since their time is limited, Jen Auh steps in as a solution for their decision fatigue. Her role is to provide them with answers on how to dress in style and take care of themselves professionally and personally. Her clients accept the advice because they look for simple answers to follow.

The effective consulting method that Jen Auh follows in her first sessions is: 

  • Jen’s first appointment is a two-hour session where she gets to know her clients. She focuses on their professional role and their career aspirations, since they are the key to create their personal brand.
  • She also takes their measurements, schedules a hair appointment, builds a skincare regimen, and recommends daily supplements. If needed, she advises them to lose a few pounds so that they can wear better-fitting clothes.
  • By the end of the session, Jen adjusts her clients’ outfits at that moment and shows them before-and-after pictures. They also receive a personal styling report.
  • Next up, Jen creates a new wardrobe with the right personal style. The entire shopping process is done without her clients ever stepping into a store.


Your confidence presents you as an authority figure in the field and gives credibility to your work. With your detailed guidance, your clients become aspirational. Jen Auh has been using this approach since her very first client. One of her personal stories proves it:

At one party, a friend introduced Jen to someone who needed help dressing better for work. This man had been a nurse and had just gotten a promotion, so he had to wear something other than scrubs. However, his boss told him that he didn’t look like a manager and that he needed to dress better to be an authority figure.

Jen knew she could help him. That night, she set up a time to go over to his place. When they met, she pulled many items out of his closet and hurried to the mall so that he’d have something to wear to work the next day. Jen picked two must-have pairs of pants, two shirts, and a pair of shoes.

He wore those clothes to work the next day and people complimented him on how put together he looked. She encouraged him to dress like that every day. He could tell Jen knew what she was talking about, so he paid attention to her advice.

His new outer look started to transform his inner attitude. His confidence soared and his leadership capabilities increased. Eventually, he grew beyond his managerial role and started his own company.

Since that day, Jen has helped countless other men change their looks and their lives. This story shows that the most important attribute image consultants should develop is their confidence.

  1. Tell your clients what to do instead of asking them what they want.
  2. Show them your great style/skin and teach them how to get similar results.
  3. Instruct them on what to eat and how to exercise.
  4. Encourage them to put into practice the advice in a style report.


Provide actionable steps every time you meet with a client. Most people are busy, so it is convenient to break things down into small tips that will fit into their day. For instance, teach them how to layer outfits or demonstrate a one-minute daily exercise for improving their posture in one session.


Who you are and how you carry yourself will determine what clients take away from your services. You must be as confident and ambitious as the clients you hope to have. “Be an expert with unlimited resources. That’s what being a confident image consultant is all about”, remarks Jen in her book.

  • If you expect clients to trust your fashion advice, then you must look stylish.
  • If you want to work with people who surround themselves with high-powered associates, then you need to bring the best into your circle.
  • If you want clients who have built a name for themselves, then you must get your own name out there.
  • If you hope to work with clients who have finances to spend, then you must price your service in a way that represents its value.
  • If you want to recruit clients who have authority in their workplaces, then you must act as an authority figure for them.


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