How to Present Yourself as an Elite Image Consultant

Present yourself as an elite image consultant

As an elite image consultant, your personal brand is more than your appearance. The way you present yourself makes a big difference. You should create an image that represents your professional values and reflects your personal style. That way, your clients and partners will get a good impression of you and know which are your style principles.

As well, presenting yourself with a polished and elegant image will help you successfully rebrand your business to take it to the next level. Like Jen Auh, founder of Style Konsult & STYiLES and expert image consultant, says in her bestselling book: “Clothes are only the beginning”.


Just as image consultants work to change people’s lives by enhancing their image and improving their lifestyle, they also have to become their best version. It is essential to preach by example. As an elite image consultant, you should:

  • Find and define your personal style
  • Build a stylish and well-fitting wardrobe for every season of the year
  • Develop great communication skills
  • Have a balanced lifestyle
  • Create a great personal brand both online and offline


It is important to expand your network and take inspiration from other successful professionals. To do that, you should learn about: behavior, communication, and a positive lifestyle routine (eating, exercising, grooming…). Make sure to receive useful advice from experts in the industry.

During that process, you will find your own voice and consulting style. Then, you will be able to reflect it in the way you dress, talk, and behave. That is the result you are looking for in order to transmit relevant values and messages to your clients. Once you present a good image and personal brand, your clients will trust you and follow your advice.

Every detail matters, so your hair and skin should also look flawless. For instance, Jen Auh gets her hair done every three weeks, practices yoga every few days, and applies a facial sheet mask daily. Becoming the best version of yourself is a daily process.


Looking attractive boosts your confidence and helps you develop a good attitude. As an authoritative figure, an image consultant should look good and feel empowered on all occasions. Looking your best increases your self-esteem and gives you courage to work hard and achieve your goals.

As Jen Auh affirms: “Above all, you should be ready at all times. Looking sharp isn’t only for the times when you’re at the office.” You should embrace your personal style and identity to look your best on all occasions. Be committed to always look and behave as you advise your clients to do.


It is widely known that people are drawn to others who seem similar to them. After defining your market fit, you should build and present a personal brand to which your clientele can relate. An elite image consultant has high-end clients, so you should look like an upscale professional to attract them.

One personal story of Jen Auh proves how building the right appearance as an elite image consultant can help you attract your targeted clientele. As well, the story shows the importance of looking your best on all occasions as an elite image consultant. From the way you dress and speak to the design of your business card, it all represents your brand:

Once Jen Auh attended an investor meeting wearing a navy and red pinstripe dress. An investor introduced himself to her, and Jen handed him her business card. He asked her what an image consultant was, so Jen explained that she helps men become better versions of themselves. He booked an appointment that same week. Then, he confessed that he introduced himself to her because she looked stylish and stood out from the crowd.


This personal story experienced by Jen Auh is a clear example of how a put-together look allows image consultants to succeed:

A few years ago, Jen Auh suffered from second-degree chemical burns all over her face. Her full recovery took almost a year and her business was on hold until her condition improved. But, she agreed to meet with a client who was in Korea for just one day. Her services had been recommended to him, and it was his only chance to meet with Jen.

Jen wasn’t fully recovered from the burns, so she hid it with her long hair and applied makeup. Still, the damage was visible. Her client was polite, but Jen could see that he was disappointed with her appearance as an image consultant. However, the client was satisfied with the quality service and booked another session after Jen had fully healed.

That experience is a clear example of how image consultants should present a polished image to feel confident and succeed in their job. Now, Jen looks several years younger than her age despite her previous burns. She uses that to her advantage when she speaks with clients and work partners.

Jen Auh shares more tips and advice on how to build an elite image consulting business in her first book, from defining your market fit to communicating well with clients. The book is #1 International Bestseller, so get your copy and learn more about the world of elite image consulting.

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