How to Personalize Image Consulting Services

Personalized image consulting

Personalized customer service is essential to increase customer loyalty. Customers seek committed communication and active participation in the service they are booking. Clients increasingly value a unique experience, with individualized offers, customized services and personal support.

All communication must be par with your brand as the client expects, as well as the experience offered before, during, and after the service. Providing quality customer service will help you stand out and grow your image consulting business.

Keep your team united and motivated. Your clients will have a great impression of the business. Thus, you can define actions focused on customer segments offering the right service, price, time and needs.

Follow these steps to accomplish that:

  1. Get to know your clients
  2. Build strong relationships
  3. Make genuine interactions
  4. Offers customized solutions
  5. Analyze process and results


Personalized service is the result of tailoring the customer experience to their specific needs. Just take a look at your email inbox to see some examples: you can find emails with your name, which contain information that interests you. Personalization can be as simple as including the recipient’s name instead of greeting them with a simple “hello.”

Image consulting businesses face the challenge of generating value for the clients in a market of continuous involvement. The client decides between price, exclusivity, and benefits obtained. For all these reasons, it is fundamental to offer a service that is personalized and unique. A high-quality image consulting service is all about offering consultations efficiently and individually. 


A satisfied client is someone who trusts you and will allow you to attract new clients to your image consulting business. In addition, clients who are thankful for the effective service will leave good reviews and make referrals to others.

It is very important to put on the clients’ shoes to better understand what they experience when interacting with you. That way, you can not only meet their expectations, but also offer something that differentiates your business from the competition.

Always provide 200% of what you can offer. Enough is never enough.

Put focus on tone and language. The closer your brand is to your clients, the more identified they will feel with it. Offer clear and fast solutions for the clients to know that your service is efficient.


Image consulting businesses should provide personalized service by analyzing customer needs and interactions. Keep in mind that clients want to feel heard. People feel more attracted to services that make them feel trusted and listened to.

After defining the experience you want to offer, comprehend who your clients are and what they expect from the service. Know how clients have interacted with your business and the timeline of your relationship with them. You need to know each and every one of their customers well.

  • Do customer data analysis: Each encounter with the client provides new information about their needs and preferences. This allows you to increase your knowledge and design bespoke experiences. Based on data, you can set up a highly satisfied client journey. Maintaining updated data with relevant information on each client is essential. Requests, comments, order history and contacts are examples of information that should be in your customer database.
  • Understand each client individually: New advanced tools like STYiLES allow you to go beyond segmentation and data analysis. Today you can review the history, study each client, and make decisions that help improve their particular experience.
  • Improve the relationship with the client: Even if it is an online service, it is possible to maintain a close connection with each client. Be active on social media and answer all the questions that your clients may have.
  • Keep the client engagement through proactive messages: Send personalized proactive messages to your clients. In this way, you will remain in close contact with their relationship and trust.


Clients are looking for two-way communication and a true relationship with the brands they have chosen. It is important to highlight that the company must be available through different service channels: telephone, website, email, and social networks.

To strengthen this relationship, keep in regular contact, communicate special advice/messages, develop exclusive campaigns on specific dates, and continuously monitor the evolution of their profiles.

Avoid automation of the services

Today, many companies choose to automate their services. However, chatbots can play against your business and make you lose clients. Remember that people like to feel that a human is serving them. 

In this sense, you should set certain limits in the automation of services. Chatbots only respond to an extent before the conversation is transferred to a real person. It is always best to communicate genuinely with the clients. Working with transparency will make the client believe more in your brand.

Take special attention to efficiency. Respond and solve problems as quickly as possible, and don’t give vague answers in order to optimize time. So that issues like these do not damage the reputation of your business, focus on finding a balance that emphasizes the quality of the consultations.

Follow these simple strategies to generate a personalized service:

  • Know your clients’ name: Call them by their name when you talk: It makes those who book your services feel welcomed, well received, and cared for as they deserve.
  • Know your clients’ interests: It is often necessary to engage in conversation with the topics what your clients are interested in such as politics, social or even personal matters. It will build more personal connections and trust with your clients. Know where the line is. Keep your image consulting service at a professional level. Be your clients’ ear. Listen to their stories. And do not repeat.
  • Show a kind attitude: Undoubtedly, kindness and professionalism are two essential assets to provide exceptional and personalized attention. Be genuine and open-minded in all your interactions with clients to gain greater client satisfaction.


There are apps that can help companies communicate with their customers and offer a more personalized service. STYiLES is the must-have app for elite image consulting that allows you to: get more clients worldwide, offer online or in-person consultations, and manage your client list in one place. You can also keep in touch with your clients through the private chat on the app and send them links for virtual meetings.

To get more clients and scale your business, download the STYiLES app now on App Store or Google Play. You have a 14-day trial to access the full service and premium features. After the trial period, you can subscribe to a monthly plan of $80/month or yearly plan of $880/year (saving $80). Both plans give you access to the full service.

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