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Why Us

Image Consulting

Enhance your image and lifestyle

Personal Shopping

Build a stylish and elegant wardrobe

Custom Tailoring

Get high-quality tailored outfits

Client Booking

Easy to schedule an appointment

Premium Products

Find the best items from specialized merchants



Image Consulting

From finding a personal style to having a great self-care routine, the image consultants will give the clients all the answers they need to become the best version of themselves.

Personal Shopping

An image consultant will select the clothing that suits each client according to their style and body features so they look their best on all occasions.

Custom Tailoring

A skilled image consultant will take the clients’ body measurements and order a well-fitting customized wardrobe just for them.

Client Booking

The clients can find the image consultants that meet their needs on the basis of their experience, location, and price range.

Premium Products

Specialized merchants are able to sell their high-end products, such as upscale clothes and accessories, to image consultants and clients.

For Image Consultants

Once image consultants define their expertise and the services they provide in their profiles, they can benefit from the great features that STYiLES app offers: premium personal shopping and custom tailoring, easy ordering and express shipping worldwide, booking online or in-person consultations in an efficient way, managing the clients’ information and requests, communicating with the clients through a chat, finding useful resources, and checking the order status.

For Clients

After creating their profiles, clients can search for the image consultant that meets all their needs, find featured products they would like to order, know all the details about their appointments, keep in touch with their image consultant through a private chat, and read a blog about fashion and lifestyle.

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Through STYiLES app, specialized merchants offer their high-end products to a global market and image consultants can shop for quality clothing and accessories to build

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Our Founder

Jen Auh is an image consultant with 20+ years of experience in the beauty and fashion industries. She has worked at major brands such as Macy’s, Too Faced Cosmetics, Bliss, Maurices and Silver Jeans.

Jen started her journey as an image consultant by giving her friends advice on fashion, lifestyle, and self-care in her living room.

Her passion and skills have led her to build an image consulting, custom tailoring, personal shopping, and personal branding agency that focuses on helping her clients become better versions of themselves.

Over the years, Jen has traveled to many countries and worked with numerous people to gather the finest resources and wise knowledge. She has gained expertise to help other image consultants rise to the top in the business.

Her first book, STYiLES – The Definitive Guide To Building An Elite Image Consulting Business is a #1 international bestseller.