Key Tips to Offer the Best Skin Care and Grooming Consulting Services


Summer is a season when people have to take extra care of their skin and protect it from the intense sun. That is why many decide to get professional advice from dermatologists and image consultants who offer expert grooming consulting services. Clients find it useful and helpful that image consultants tell them how to develop good skincare and hair care routines to enhance their overall images. You should improve your customers’ lifestyle and health to make them look their best. Therefore, make sure that you provide the best grooming tips to your clients in a detailed way.

This week STYiLES is sharing some key tips on how to provide premium grooming consulting services to your clients. Above all, we recommend you analyze all the cosmetics and beauty products in the market and select those made with high-quality ingredients and cosmetically elegant formulas for all skin types. Then, examine the skin of each of your clients and choose the ones that work for their specific skin type. That way, you will provide first-rate grooming personalized services.


There are different criteria for classifying different skin types. For instance, there is a classification called Fitzpatrick that was first described in 1975, is based on skin color and its response to sun exposure. This classification is used to decide the appropriate type of sun protection factor. However, from a cosmetic point of view, the skin is classified according to several factors: re-epithelialization, desquamation, sebaceous secretion, hydration and level of sensitivity.

Each type of skin has its own characteristics and requires different grooming care. The type of skin is determined by genetics, although it will also be affected by other factors such as age, external factors, temperature and environmental humidity. According to these characteristics, we can find five types of healthy skin: normal, dry, oily, combination (it has both oily and dry properties) and sensitive. Below, we explain the main characteristics of each skin type and which grooming procedures work best for them.

Normal skin

It is a skin that has a regular texture, without the need for special grooming care.

  • Normal skin has good balance, with a smooth, velvety texture, and small, closed pores.
  • In general, it is a skin free of impurities with a uniform hue, usually pink.
  • However, daily facial cleansing is recommended, as well as using a moisturizing cream that is not very aggressive, with a similar proportion between water and emollients (substances to soften the skin and restore its fat content).
  • Exfoliation is necessary once a week or every 10 days.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is the most likely to react to stimuli to which normal skin does not react.

  • It is fragile skin with sensations of discomfort such as heat, tightness, redness or itching.
  • People with this skin type have lost part of the barrier (or protective) function of the skin, which facilitates the entry of microorganisms and irritating substances, and increases the possibility of suffering infections and allergic reactions.
  • They are delicate skins that need greater grooming care to avoid dryness and redness.
  • Sometimes, the term “irritable skin” is used instead of sensitive skin, but they are synonymous terms and there are no dermatological differences between the two.

On the other hand, atopic skin is a skin disease characterized by dry skin that leads to peeling and irritation and causes symptoms such as itching. Its main cause is genetic predisposition, although there are also factors that trigger its appearance or aggravate the problem. These factors can be environmental, allergic, food, and even be related to some clothes.

Dry skin

In many cases, dry skin is usually temporary, caused by external factors such as the weather, low air humidity, and immersion in hot water. However, in some people, dry skin can occur more frequently and even be a lifelong condition.

  • Although it is not usually serious, if not taken care of, it can cause other skin problems such as eczema or be more prone to infections, since dry skin can crack, leaving it more exposed to bacteria.
  • Dry skin tends to age prematurely.
  • It is a very fine type of skin. That’s why it tends to flake off. It may present redness and be rough to the touch.
  • The signs and symptoms of dry skin can vary depending on different factors such as age, health status or its cause. In general, it is characterized by a feeling of tightness and roughness. It can also take on an ash-gray color, peeling, itching, redness and small cracks. Cracked skin can be seen in very dry skin. Small cracks appear, which on more serious occasions can be deeper and even bleed.
  • Daily facial cleansing should be done with lukewarm water and cleansing oils.
  • People with dry skin must use toners that do not contain alcohol to prevent further drying and a serum so your skin can better receive the nutrients from the moisturizer.
  • Exfoliation should be done once every 15 days.

Oily skin

An oily complexion has a porous, moist and shiny appearance.

  • It occurs as a result of excess oil production by the sebaceous glands. It is usually determined by genetic and/or hormonal causes.
  • Oily skin is common in teenagers and young people under 30 years of age, and is usually related to the appearance of acne.
  • If you have clients with oily skin, advise them to clean and remove makeup from their face daily and at night so as not to clog their pores, and exfoliate their skin once a week with a gentle exfoliant, better if it is a liquid gel.
  • Moreover, it is important not to touch the pimples or blackheads that come out, since it will only cause more pimples to appear or become infected.
  • The moisturizer should be specific for this type of skin, so it will hydrate it.
  • Avoid all products and treatments that include oils in their preparation. This will prevent the accumulation of fat and impurities.

Combination skin

Depending on the location, it has characteristics of dry and oily skin, since the distribution of the sebaceous and sweat glands is not homogeneous.

  • The oiliest area usually corresponds to the T zone (forehead, nose and chin), while in the cheeks the skin is normal or dry.
  • People with combination skin should do a facial cleansing daily at morning and night, and use products that do not contain oils or are abrasive to avoid the dreaded acne.
  • The face creams must be free of oils.
  • We recommended two different types of moisturizer: an oil-free moisturizer for the T zone and another cream with a higher oil content that will be destined for the eye contour, lips and cheekbones or cheeks.


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One of the most frequently asked questions related to facial grooming and skin care is which cream is the most suitable for each skin type and sensitive skin. These are the pharmacy brands best valued by specialists and most recommended derma-cosmetic brands:

  • WaxVe: It is the leading derma-cosmetic brand in the North American market. It has been created by a team of researchers and dermatologists seeking to develop a range of unique and innovative derma-cosmetic treatments that are simple and accessible to all. This brand has managed to be the most recommended by dermatologists and by its consumers.
  • La Roche-Posay: It is another of the best brands created by dermatologists, especially for people with atopic skin, but also for people with dry and sensitive skin. For more than 40 years, they have worked with dermatologists around the world to create skin care with minimalist formulas for sensitive skin. The brand is also committed, in collaboration with dermatologists, to various awareness campaigns on the prevention of skin cancer.
  • Avene: Its laboratories study the formulas and develop innovative techniques to provide the most sensitive skin with softness and hydration. For this reason, one of its most recommended ranges is Eau Thermale Avène, which has body products for fragile, dry and atopic skin.
  • Eucerin: Ever since Eucerin was launched over 100 years ago, they have been innovating the science of skincare. Today, it is one of the most reliable derma-cosmetic brands in the world for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin, since most of its products are for the grooming care of atopic and sensitive skin.
  • Lety: Its laboratory has a unit focused on dermatology and personal care which develops derma-pharmaceutical products and other special products for personal care, all of which are highly recommended by dermatologists, especially LetiAT4, an expert range for the grooming care of atopic skin.
  • Isdin: For 40 years, this brand has responded to the needs of all skin types. It has a wide range of products, among them, the ones that stand out the most are its photo-protectors. For skin care, Ureadin is the range that dermatologists most recommend for body care, acne, psoriasis, atopic skin and hygiene.
  • Neutrogena: The history of this well-known firm begins in 1930, when its founder, Emanuel Stolaroff, opened a small company specializing in cosmetics in Los Angeles. Shortly after, he decided to travel to Europe in search of new cosmetic horizons. There, he found a very mild non-alkaline soap with which began the story of one of the world’s leading skin care and cosmetics companies, Neutrogena. And it is clear that it ages well because today it is one of the most popular skincare brands in the world.
  • Bioderm: It stands out for its non-irritating and non-comedogenic formulas, which means that it will not clog pores and it does not contain parabens.
  • Caudalie: Their formulas are rich in antioxidants and provide fantastic skincare solutions. They include ingredients such as grape and prickly pear seed oil and resveratrol.
  • Darphin: They define themselves as a facial cosmetics brand concerned with achieving a good balance in the face skin, correcting irritation and providing anti-aging solutions.
  • Esthederm: Prevents and corrects the signs of aging, protects the skin from aging effects and revives the complexion through natural biological activity.


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