8 New Year Resolutions for your Image Consulting Business

New year resolutions

This 2023, set realistic goals that lead your business to success and help you grow as an image consultant. New Year’s resolutions for your business are just as important as personal goals. Determine which professional steps you want to take this year and prepare for new challenges to scale up your business.

Start the year by defining a strategic plan, setting ambitious objectives, and relying on tools that offer convenience to your customers and help you meet your goals. The STYiLES app is the digital tool you need to get more clients, increase your revenue, and manage your business efficiently.

Remember that, even if not all the purposes of the previous were met, you should stay encouraged to fulfill them this year. A new year leads to a new beginning. If you want to continue growing your business in the coming months, stay confident and persistent.

Think about what you can improve from last year

The first step is to look back at 2022. You learn from everything, especially from challenging experiences. Evaluate what actions were carried out last year and analyze them in order to achieve the objectives that you set out again.

Take note of the falls so as not to trip over the same stone again. It is necessary to make constructive self-criticism and have the capacity to turn the struggles around and improve those points for 2023.


Increase efficiency and productivity

Improving and optimizing the work you carry out every day is one of the most relevant purposes with the arrival of the new year. Proper planning in all business areas is indispensable in this regard: management, logistics, etc. 

It is not about working more, but about working better. Make the most of all available resources to increase the quality of your work. Make a work scheme that helps you be more efficient in your consultations and business management.

Define weekly goals

Defining goals on a weekly basis will keep the business growing. For example, set a weekly goal to find a new vendor or develop a marketing strategy to promote your brand. Each year has 52 weeks, so if you manage to set at least two weekly goals, you will have completed more than 100 projects at the end of the year.

Innovate in several areas of the business

Innovation is essential for any image consulting business. Review your services and identify the main areas for improvement, such as the customer experience or the quality of the products you provide. Make it your goal to find innovative solutions for them. It is the only way to stay relevant in the market.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things. Small changes in your marketing and sales strategies can significantly alter the course of your business and give it the boost it needs. One innovative tool you can use is the STYiLES app to provide consultations for clients worldwide and manage your business from anywhere.

Plan new strategies and delegate tasks

Design sales and marketing strategies for new projects. Analyze the market and competence, as well as the current clients’ needs. Then, update previous strategies with a more up-to-date focus. It is required to have a good organization, which will help both you and your workers to be more efficient and to avoid struggles.

Also, think carefully about who you are going to delegate work to. Trust your team to focus on your own tasks and responsibilities. Tasks must be assigned to certain employees and partners so that they execute them according to the expected quality. The end goal is to keep growing the business.

Get more clients

Think about how to offer a premium service to your customer and how you can help them. Do it by putting yourself in their shoes. Question what they are really looking for beyond your service and how you can contribute to carry it out.

Attract high-end clients who will make it possible for you to increase profits. In order to achieve it:

  • Define your market fit
  • Get to know your clients’ needs
  • Listen to your current clients’ feedback
  • Offer the maximum quality
  • Keep in touch with your clients


A principal goal for 2023 should be growing your client list. Diversification is a great strategy to achieve it, as is searching worldwide. Use the STYiLES app to find clients from all over the world who can book your services online.

Grow your business online

Nowadays,  image consultants should have a good presence in the digital sphere to get clients and develop customer loyalty. Create a digital strategy that allows you to position yourself and your company in the market. This includes building an attractive and informative website, engaging social media, and SEO.

There are many actions that must be carried out, such as: 

  • Design a digital marketing plan with a specific market fit
  • Update your website and profiles constantly
  • Create valuable content on a blog and social networks
  • Be aware of current trends


Online strategies are the best way to build brand awareness and a sense of community. In this way, the image of the brand will be improved and its influence will be expanded. As well, you will widen the spectrum of potential clients.

Take care of your team

A successful image consultant knows that the key to his success lies in human capital. Surround himself with talented people who can contribute something of value to your company. The same applies to your partners.

Recruiting and retaining talent is fundamental. Support the employees so that they feel listened to and taken into account. Bet on teamwork so employees get more involved to improve overall results. Recognize the merits of all workers. Know their needs and expectations and maintain trust with each of them.

Improve internal communication

Taking simple actions such as holding weekly meetings, putting up a message board for everyone to see, or creating a WhatsApp group can improve the flow of information among the team. The communication should be assertive, direct and honest.

Take advantage of networking opportunities

Networking is significant for elite image consultants. Create an agenda of the main events you want to attend in the year, and try not to miss them. Also consider cultivating past and new relationships and connecting with former colleagues and peers.

Be generous

Social responsibility should be a commitment of every image consultant because it is vital to add value to the community around the business. Make social and environmental responsibility part of your business.

For instance, apply eco-friendly practices in your company, join a foundation as a volunteer and, if possible, financially support a cause you care about. In addition to improving the image of your company, helping your community and the planet, you will feel fulfilled and satisfied.

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