5 Mistakes that Image Consultants Must Avoid Making

An image consultant being angry after making a mistake

Image consultants must keep in mind that their priority is to offer high-quality services that improve their client’s style, lifestyle and appearance as well as providing an excellent client experience that satisfies them. In order to do that, image consultants have to be professional and resourceful. It is important that they avoid making mistakes that could damage their business and work, such as treating their clients inadequately or lacking knowledge about fashion and beauty.

Therefore, STYiLES is explaining the main mistakes that image consultants must avoid making so they can do a good job to please their clients. By using our app, you can find information and products that will be helpful for you to grow your company. Become the best image consultant you can be by guaranteeing first-rate services in order to enhance the image and confidence of your clients.


1. Researching poor sources to find information

One of the first things that image consultants must do is researching and studying as much as possible about fashion and self-care to advise their clients properly. That is something that they will have to do their entire career, since new trends and methods keep being developed. Avoid searching for useful information on websites that are too vague and generic. You must check twice if the site is official and certified.

Image consulting requires a lot of preparation. From how to take measurements of their clients’ bodies to which skincare products suit every person… That is why you should get information from reliable sources like specialized magazines, articles written by specialists or experienced colleagues. We advise you to talk to other image consultants who have been working in the field for years. That way, you will get the helpful tips that you need from wise experts.

2. Offering a bad client experience

Image consultants are not robots who have predetermined methods to treat each of their clients. We are all humans who want to be treated well. So, image consultants should prioritize treating their clients with kindness and establishing a connection with them. In order to do that, they have to ask their clients about their wishes, concerns and aspirations and, then, comprehend them.

The clients hope to feel understood and pay for a service that will make an effective and positive change in their lives. Let your clients know that they can trust you and that both of you are partners. You two are focused on the same goal: upgrading the client’s confidence and image.

3. Being narrow-minded and judgmental

Be open to evolving and adapting to every client’s needs and personalities. It is best to be a hard-working, humble and neutral professional whose purpose is to keep growing and helping their clients. For that reason, we recommend you to travel around the world and listen to many people’s experiences in addition to witnessing many ways of living, dressing, styling and grooming.

Avoid judging people and accept all their differences. Do not discriminate against your clients for being fatter or skinny, taller or shorter, richer or poorer, tan or pale… You must embrace your clients to notice all of their potential. Advise them with empathy and honesty to improve all their flaws and make them become a better version of themselves.

4. Providing services that are not personalized

One of the top things that a client looks for when booking personal styling and image consulting services is to receive a personalized service. Consequently, an image consultant has to build a customized closet for their clients as well as sharing with them the self-care tips that work best for them. Image consultants must provide their clients with custom-tailored clothing and accessories that fit them perfectly. That is the quality that clients seek.

Furthermore, do not limit or rush yourself by determining specific self-care routines or fixed wardrobes for certain profiles of people. Take your time to work expertly. Prove that you have enough knowledge to realize what every client demands, from the color palette to the sizes and the designs of the garments.

5. Not being honest about what suits your clients to profit from it

In case your clients ask you for a precise item or service that you know do not suit them, you must tell them the truth and not hide it to benefit from it. Do not lie to your clients just because you know that they cannot tell what suits them best. Sometimes, image consultants have to refuse and set boundaries.

The ultimate goal of an image consultant is to polish up their clients’ style and image to boost their confidence, not making money. You will only succeed if you show beyond doubt that you have true talent and sympathy. Corroborate your skills by providing life-changing makeovers to your clients. Working with respectable ethics and morals will make you grow personally and professionally.

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