How To Choose Mens Winter Accessories for Image Consultants

fall and winter accessories for men

Accessories are not just for women, as is widely believed. As a matter of fact, men can also accessorize. Accessorizing gives people the chance to personalize their style. The right accessories can make the difference between a good outfit and a great outfit, allowing you to express yourself without words. Accessories can tell a whole lot about an individual so it’s important as an image consultant that you choose the right mens winter accessories to carry out the right message and feel of your client.

During the cooler season, accessory pieces are more flexible, allowing for a wider range of choices. However, just because there are more options doesn’t make choosing the right accessory any easier. When done correctly, accessorizing can significantly change a person’s appearance and make them stand out so it’s important to know how to choose the right pieces for your clients as an image consultant.

So take the time to customize your client’s style this season and learn how to choose the right fall and winter accessories for men.

Men’s Winter Accessories to Look For

As mentioned previously, accessories help personalize your client’s style. As an image consultant, choosing the right piece can make your client go from looking like a stern and cold boss to a warm and approachable one. The following is a list of some top pieces to consider as an image consultant for fall and winter, along with some tips on how to accessorize.

  • Belts

men's belts

A simple accessory that many of your clients might insist that they already have too much of. However, this simple accessory can play a significant role in one look. The quality, color, and buckle of a belt can say a lot about a person. And although belts have a primary task to hold up trousers, belts can also act as a statement accessory. A useful trick for making a statement is to use color. Browns are a great neutral yet when done correctly can add a little bit of flavor to an outfit. Accentuated with a gold buckle, a good brown leather belt is an absolute staple in any closet.

  • Hatsmen wearing hat

Everyone loves a good golf hat, but unfortunately, they just don’t fit in with the professional look. Hats might not be every client’s cup of tea and can be a huge step for them in terms of accessories. To overcome this fear stick with neutral colors that blend with the overall tone of your client’s wardrobe. Although accessories can act as a statement piece, hats can be a new addition to many clients’ wardrobes. And with something new, it’s best to keep it cohesive with other existing pieces so it makes it easier to style.

Two great styles to choose from are the newsboy and flat cap. Both are somewhat similar to a classic golf hat, yet both give more of a sleek appearance. Typically made with wool which is ideal for the colder seasons), these two styles of hat provide a modern look but with a more professional and edgy finish.

  • Jewelry

mens ring jewelry

Jewelry can also be a man’s best friend too. An excellent way to accessorize an outfit is to wear the right piece of jewelry, such as rings. A simple gold or silver band can add that extra touch of elegance to any outfit. Look for thick banded rings that are neutral in color. This way the ring can be worn when dressing an outfit up or down.

  • Tiesmens ties

Ties can be incorporated for any work occasion. Business lunch? There’s a tie for that. 9 am marketing meeting? There is also another tie for that! Ties are a great accessory piece that can become a trademark in any individual style. A classic sharp tie is a great style that can be dressed accordingly to the situation. This is where having an understanding of color palettes is crucial. Furthermore, textured ties will make ties more comfortable for the fall and winter months compared to silk ties.

How The STYiLES App Can Help You

styiles app for image consultants

The STYiLES app provides all the tools an image consultant would need conveniently on your mobile device.  STYiLES will be the best tool to help organize and customize your client’s outfits. Our mobile app provides all of the services you would need to make accessorizing your clients easier. Services like our custom tailoring feature will allow you to make all the edits and alterations right from your office. Personalize all the items mentioned above and make them reflect your client’s attitude and style.

So become a pro at accessorizing and personalizing your client’s look this season by learning how to choose the right fall and winter accessories.

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