Men’s Wardrobe Essentials that Image Consultants should know about every Season

Mens Wardrobe

In this article, we discuss several men’s fashion trends that image consultants and personal shoppers need to know about. Rather than focusing on just a few, we go over all four seasons and the best accessories and clothing which image consultants should share with their clients. With so many trends and new styles out there, it can be hard for the client to choose what works best for them. That’s why we created this blog to help you guide them.

1. Fall Time

It would only be right to begin with the current season, Fall. A fashion lovers dream truly is the fall season. More so, an image consultants dream. You should let your client know about keeping bold colors such as red, orange, yellow and brown in their closet. 

These hues are essential for the season and great to incorporate into your look. Consider custom-made clothing such as jackets, pants and t-shirts. Your customer will be going to several fall time events where they will need a perfectly fit wardrobe. They can pair their custom-tailored clothing such as a white t-shirt with a medium wash denim jean and of course, a sports coat. 

Colors for sports coats should range darker in the black and blue area. They will then be able to add a pop of the earlier colors we talked about with an accessory such as a scarf. Scarves help to boost the fall style and appearance.

From t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, jackets, coats, the list becomes endless for the Fall. Sports coats are the perfect transition piece from summer to the fall. They are extremely flexible while also being polished and refined since you get to experiment with several styles.

2. Winter essentials

It is crucial to get the winter wardrobe right. You want your client to be warm and fashionable. The key here is layering. A great layering wardrobe essential to start with is a thin white t-shirt. This creates a nice clean neckline. Soon after that, you can top it off with a mandarin collar long sleeve shirt to match the first t-shirts neckline. After that, add in a cashmere vest. These vests are super trendy, stylish and comfortable.

It truly is the perfect combo of both class and comfort. Next, would be a sports coat. And finally, you polish it off with a nice top coat or oversized coat.This piece is essential since it is what really helps keep them nice and warm. Colors such as black blue and brown are usually the best ones to choose from because they match well with everything. Recommend keeping all three colors in your closet so that you always have an option to choose from. After that, you need them to accessorize. The three main accessories that every man should keep handy for the winter are, scarves, beanies and gloves. Beanies are super trendy and cool. It also is a major plus that they keep your head and ears toasty. Scarves come in an array of patterns, textures and colors so they can have a lot of fun with those. Gloves are the best because you use your hands for everything. You want them to keep warm so that your client can go about his day without his hands turning to ice. Similar to the coats, we recommend having colors such as black brown and blue since they are easy to pair with.

3. Springtime

The essentials of any springtime outfit is the shirt and pants combo. Using the correct fabrics and layers are very important to ensure that you feel comfortable, smart and confident. Similar to winter, spring is actually an essential time for some light layers. The layers consist of the base layer, middle layer for a slight chill, and finally an outer layer for the cold weather or rain.With this combo of layers, you can make adjustments to the look and feel of the outfit whenever the weather or temperature changes. Start off your outfit with a nice light colored jean such as light blue or white. Those colors match perfectly with an array of tee and shirt options. Shirt colors such as white, light pink, and light blue are nice for the season. 

Leather jackets and denim jackets are also an important wardrobe piece. During the summer, It’s not too hot or not too cold. This jacket truly is the perfect medium. 

Another springtime favorite, are white button downs. They can be cuffed at the sleeve with a few top buttons left open on the top for an effortless look. 

4. Summer of fun

Summer time. The time for the least amount of colors as possible. Yet somehow, summer fashion is simply iconic. Pull out options of white and black tees. They are the staple for the summer. Since those colors are neutral, they can easily be paired with an array of bold swim trunks and casual shorts. Fire red swimming shorts are perfect for the season. This eye-catching colors will get all the heads turning. This hue is great for the summer because of its’ appealing vibrancy and saturation.

Another great wardrobe choice for your client are linen shirts. They can be worn anywhere from vacation to work. It is the perfect blend of casual and formal. For some great footwear for the season, have your client invest in some loafers, leather sneakers and oxfords. Those three options are truly the shoes of the summer.

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