Men´s Holiday Style Guide for Image Consultants

Holiday Style

The Holidays are the time of the year when image consulting and personal shopping services are in high demand because of the special events and celebrations. Every man desires to look their best and to wear exceptionally glamorous clothes at the festive gatherings and parties. The job of the image consultant is to enhance the personal style of each client by selecting the outfits that will suit and fit them perfectly.

The festivities are an opportunity for men to experiment with fashion and to take their outfits to the next level. It is better to follow the advice of a professional in order to do that correctly. In this article, we are offering a Men’s Holiday Style Guide for image consultants. Read carefully to get key tips on how to advise men to dress with sophistication and flare for the Holidays.


Image consultants should find the balance between elegance and comfort, which will make their clients feel more confident. The most relevant thing is for the man to wear high-quality clothes that are fancy and cozy at the same time. That requires a few sessions of image consulting and personal shopping so the client can express his aspirations and wishes to the image consultant.

Then, the image consultant will be able to understand him and to build outfits that will upgrade the man’s seasonal style. Both the client and the image consultant will communicate to develop a sophisticated festive style that will make the man shine during the Holiday season. The whole consultation leads to an image makeover that will maximize the client’s potential.


Image consultants must adapt to each man’s life context, body and facial features, ambition and needs. Therefore, it is essential for image consultants to choose outfits that will be appropriate for different events every client will attend. The Holidays are filled with many kinds of parties and gatherings which have distinct atmospheres. A man needs to wear more relaxed outfits to family celebrations and more polished, stylish clothes to corporate or formal events. The experience, skills and fashion knowledge of image consultants will show their clients the right path to follow in order to get a great and complete festive wardrobe. 


A Holiday family gathering is the ideal occasion for men to dress just as warm and comfy as stylish and unique. An image consultant will select a variety of sweaters, shirts, pants and boots that will make it possible for a man to feel like himself while being in style. A cashmere sweater or some high-quality knitwear clothes are amazing festive clothing choices. Moreover, a round neck sweater with a shirt underneath is the classic yet flawless winter outfit combination. Finally, Chelsea boots or fashionable sneakers are awesome alternatives for neat and comfy shoes.

From the beginning, the image consultant should have in mind which is the color palette that is going to prevail in their client’s festive wardrobe. We recommend these tones:  shades of grey, black, white, navy blue, brown, beige, burgundy, dark orange and green. Those colors will build a festive and tasteful clothing selection. Also, these nuances combine well together.


The atmosphere of a dinner or a party demands an outfit that is both refined and dashing. We advise image consultants to always remember getting some turtlenecks that will increase a man’s appeal. By wearing them, a man will be perfectly dressed without being too strict. They are a classic but distinctive winter clothing item.

Everything will depend once again on the formality of the dinner or party. There are three main options, from more to less formal: wear a complete tailored suit with a turtleneck or a thin sweater, combine a jacket with dark jeans or leave the suit at home because a sweater is enough. Regarding the shoes, some brogues or loafers will give the final smart touch to a man’s festive look.


The combination of a custom-tailored polished suit and a long coat is always the best outfit option for a man to look like a gentleman. The fusion of a well-fitting blazer, pleated pants and a shirt is infallible, too. Furthermore, it is relevant that image consultants consider going for the “all-black” look. Black always works for any Holiday outfit. Dressing with well-selected black clothes from head to toe makes a man look very attractive and handsome.

Some chinos and a well-fitting jacket are also indispensable clothing items for an evening celebration. Another main point is the material: leather and velvet are concretely suitable for the festive season. As an image consultant, you should take advantage of the restaurant’s atmosphere to add a unique detail to the outfit. So, include a bit of spark while maintaining the look dainty.


This type of event requires being elegantly dressed, but the key is not to go overboard. It is a fine line that is so difficult not to cross. The professional image consultant will make that possible. If the dressing code is rather strict, pick the suit as your best style ally. The key is to reflect the man’s charisma with the accessories that best match his personality. Combine a classic suit with original and modern accessories like watches and ties, and you will get the formula for success.

The idea is to build a versatile outfit that does not hit the mark during the day, but stands out at night. Another option would be wearing a sweater with some detail that makes it special, but the shirt underneath is not essential in this specific scenario. Perfectly fitted trousers and modish shoes will finish the look off. An image consultant will always choose a pair of dark jeans for men who feel more comfortable dressing in a more relaxed and practical note.


It is fundamental for men to learn how to adapt their style to daily life, work, parties, celebrations, formal events… Image consultants will show the styling basics to their clients and guide them on their image makeover journey. Once a man comprehends the tasteful and elegant side of fashion, he will obtain the styling tools he needs to nail his looks every day.

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