How to Manage Clients as an Elite Image Consultant

Client management as an elite image consultant

Nowadays, image consultants face strategic challenges in managing their clients’ details and other business functions like accounting, billing, emails, contacts, etc. It is very important to keep the information updated and accessible.

Digital platforms like the STYiLES app are great tools to replace the traditional ‘black books’ where image consultants record the data history of their clients. Placing orders and managing clients in one place is a huge advantage.

Once you have grown a client list, you should interact with your clients and build customer loyalty. Keeping a good record on one platform allows you to know what your clients need and give them personalized directions to meet their goals. It consists of building a strong connection and relationship with your clients to provide an elite service, management, and client experience.

Client management strategy

The first thing you should do is choose the management strategy that best suits your business. Ask yourself: How to efficiently manage a larger number of clients? How to plan a strategy that is successful without wasting opportunities? Client management is, above all, a strategy and a process with the following objectives:

  • Search, collect, centralize, and analyze client information
  • Build connections with clients and partners
  • Know clients in depth
  • Communicate with clients

What is client management?

There are different factors and strategies to improve the client experience that help companies grow. Those actions begin with client management. Client management is defined as a company’s efforts to provide an excellent service. Also, they are the strategies that are put into practice with the aim of promoting client retention.


Good client management brings numerous benefits in addition to those already mentioned, such as a higher revenue. What else can you achieve with efficient client management?

Do good client segmentation

With a well-organized client management you can make a better segmentation. Client segmentation allows you to monitor, qualify, identify consumption habits, and provide other data that helps you understand and define the client profiles.

Grow your business

If you work to get to know your clients better and identify their routines and aspirations, it will be easier to offer personalized image consulting services according to their needs. As a result, your services will improve and your business will grow. So, get to know your client inside and out.

Increase loyalty

When you provide personalized and quality services, the client satisfaction increases. It is relevant to offer a good client experience to improve client loyalty. Check out the numbers from Zendesk’s 2021 Customer Experience Trends Report:

  • 75% of clients are loyal to companies that offer a good client experience
  • 65% of customers want to buy from companies that offer fast online transaction
  • 50% buy from a competitor after a bad experience

Improve your reputation

As a result of good client management, your consumers are satisfied and only have good things to say about your company. What is well known as “word of mouth marketing”. Most clients trust recommendations from people close to them more than other sources of information to make purchasing decisions.

Maximize the internal satisfaction

Internal satisfaction is also fundamental for good client relationship management. In addition to a healthy work environment where aspects like motivation and training are valued, providing the necessary tools to your team is essential for the success of client management.


  1. Build a client database: Gather relevant information about these people to offer them care according to their needs.
  2. Analyze the data records: Interpret the data well to plan strategies that improve the client experience as a whole. Create lists of targeted leads based on industry, company size, role, and more.
  3. Do client experience management: Client experience management is about planning strategies so that each interaction with the consumer meets their expectations and needs. Offer services in a timely manner that are high-quality and personalized.


  • Updated information: Keep the information updated and well-organized. This is very convenient for managerial decision making.
  • Saving time: Avoid performing many repetitive and tedious tasks. Optimize the management of your business with tools like the STYiLES app.
  • Data analysis: Maintaining good management allows you to collect data and do statistics. For instance, analyzing client behavior allows you to improve the marketing performance and attract more clients.
  • Client service: All the information of clients should be updated, including calls, emails, quotes, etc. This generates an important engagement with each client.
  • Reports: The reports generated by a good organization and management are decisive for the business. In addition, these reports can reveal the errors made and the way to solve them.


Customer Relationship Management is achieved through the combination of strategies and technology that will allow you to manage the interactions that you have with each of your clients. The objective of your business having CRM strategies is that you can improve your relationship with your clients, retain them, and increase your sales.

A CRM can help you reduce your management workload, since it creates an infrastructure through which you can run your business online. The STYiLES app is a platform specialized in elite image consulting that serves as a CRM tool. Here are 5 reasons why you should use a digital CRM system:

Save time

Having a part of your management data in Excel, another on your cell phone, one more in a notebook… doesn’t allow you to have a good control of the information. Having a CRM platform like STYiLES app is a great option because you have all the information and tools in one place. That way, you can record the client’s information and access it anytime.

Optimize your response times

One of the main benefits of a CRM is precisely that of working in a timely manner. Digitization also implies that you have a good overall management strategy. Place orders and respond to your clients’ requests with just a few clicks. This way, being able to answer all your clients from the same window will speed up your response times.

Increase the client loyalty

Responding quickly, having good communication with your team, and better relationships with your clients allow you to retain them. Keeping a connection with clients who have booked your services in the past and want to do it again is essential. Focus on maintaining your clientele.

Segment clients more easily

Once you start having higher volumes of clients, you will be able to carry out segmentation work so that you can share personalized messages with each of them. A digital CRM platform has a system that is capable of capturing and generating the segmentation, as well as collecting information about your clients’ interactions with you. Then, you will know how to increase the quality of your services and address them efficiently.

Get more accurate metrics and reports

CRM systems also allow image consultants to obtain performance, growth, and engagement metrics, as well as many other useful data from your clients. This makes it possible to generate accurate growth predictions and, of course, design effective strategies to achieve the business’ goals.

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