How to Build your Inner Circle as an Elite Image Consultant

Inner circle of an elite image consultant

The quality of your brand is influenced by your inner circle and the people you work with. To develop a great reputation, you must surround yourself with the best partners. Make sure things are being done properly at all times. Your references should convey the right message about you and your brand.

Your clients are counting on you to provide reliable resources, so you need to trust everyone in your network. The people you keep around you reflect your overall brand. Be selective and exigent. Only those who pass your standard should stay in your network long-term.


  1. Get recommendations from people you fully trust.
  2. Do online searches to expand your networks.
  3. Ask about the quality of services. Connect with merchants who consistently perform at their best.
  4. Try the services out yourself.
  5. Test people by giving them small jobs and seeing how they do. If they are successful, give them more responsibility.


As well, keep in mind that you should work with people whose intentions are genuine, reliable, driven, and generous. Only those who meet your expectations can add quality and value to your work. Also, you will be able to connect with those people as they share your values and face work like you do.

Generosity is necessary in your inner circle. The people who contribute to your business shouldn’t consider themselves as the top priority. Teamwork is essential to reach ambitious goals and grow. Care about others in order to receive support and succeed. When you focus on finding people who are service-oriented, you will receive as much as you give.

The founder of Style Konsult & STYiLES and expert image consultant, Jen Auh,  states in her first book, STYiLES: “People are the most important part of any business. Cherishing relationships is essential; it has a direct impact on your branding”. 

Collaborate with trusted professionals who complement your work and contribute to it. Moreover, have excellent resources to elevate your image consulting business. That is what makes a great inner circle.


Take a close look at your contacts. Your clients are counting on you to be a fully reliable resource for them. Know how to put them in touch with the best. Find people who:

  • Provide an exceptional service
  • Care about others
  • Reflect your personal values


High-end clients want to work with the finest service providers. Being an elite image consultant requires having a network of first-rate contacts, from tailors to hairdressers. With every referral you provide, clients should feel they’ve gotten exactly what they were looking for. Your inner circle should be an extension of you, just as committed to quality.


When Jen Auh first came to South Korea, she had to find tailoring factories. Unlike in the United States, Jen didn’t have any connections in Korea. There was no central spot where she could get all the information she needed. 

Jen went to the fabric market every day and asked the vendors to introduce her to top-quality tailoring factories. In two years, Jen went through five different factories to find the right one. Jen even had items remade at her own expense. 

Finally, Jen found exactly what she was looking for: a tailoring factory that produced excellent quality in a quick time frame. Only then, she could make sure that she offered the best products and services to her clients.

Jen Auh shares more useful advice on how to build an elite image consulting business in her first book, from building your inner circle to communicating well with clients. The book is #1 International Bestseller, so get your copy and learn more about the world of elite image consulting.

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