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Vibha Kapoor

Vibha Kapoor is fortunate enough to have been exposed to apparel designing with Ethnic & Indo western brands. Earn experience in several diverse fields like Apparel Designing and Image Management. I have nearly two decades of experience in Apparel design, which further gets topped up soft skills coach with expertise as a much-acclaimed Image & and soft skills coach. I have reigning exposure to work associations with many Indian ethnic and international apparel brands that further help her carve her niche in bespoke designing and appearance management master class for awareness.

My Story

I believe that image consulting is not just about appearances but also about aligning your outer self with your inner authenticity. My approach is collaborative, as I work closely with each client to understand their aspirations, preferences, and concerns. By combining my expertise in clothing language, and appearance management psychology, I create a personalized roadmap for transformation that allows individuals to project their best selves confidently. I strongly believe image enhancement works inside & and reflects outside.

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