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Maryse Adegoke

Maryse's slogan, "Your clothing is your armor when it's done well," beautifully encapsulates the essence of her approach. Like armor, clothing can provide protection, enabling individuals to face the world with heightened confidence and self-assurance. However, this armor is not about hiding behind a facade but celebrating one's strengths and showcasing the best version of oneself.

When individuals dress with intention and purpose, they project an image that aligns with their goals and aspirations. Whether it's a job interview, a social event, or merely a regular day at work, dressing with mindfulness sends a powerful message about how one values oneself and wishes to be perceived by others.

"Your Clothing is Your Armor When It's Done Well"

As an image consultant, Maryse possesses unique skills that enable her to guide clients on their style journey. Her first step is to foster a genuine connection with each individual, seeking to understand their personal experiences, aspirations, and insecurities. Through active listening and empathy, Maryse gains insights into her clients' stories, which helps her tailor her approach to suit their needs effectively.

The personalized experience offered by Maryse is a cornerstone of her consulting approach. She understands that every individual is different, with their distinct preferences, body types, and comfort zones. With this knowledge in mind, Maryse curates style solutions that resonate with each client's personality, body shape, and lifestyle, ensuring they feel comfortable and confident in their clothing choices.

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