Reasons why Image Consultants are in High Demand Today

Image Consultant and Client

Nowadays, image consulting is in high demand. The globalized and connected world has increased both the opportunities and challenges of people to stand out and build a strong personal brand. To do that, they need a polished image based on a well-groomed appearance and an elegant style.

Professional image consultants are experts that help people become the best version of themselves by improving their appearance, behavior and communications. That allows clients to feel more confident and empowered to successfully achieve all their personal and professional goals. 


At a time when image care, health, and personal well-being are on the rise, it is increasingly common to resort to the services of an image consultant. The trend for the interest of personal improvement has allowed image consulting to evolve and specialize in all areas that define a person’s image.

Image consulting evolution

Before, most people had the misconception that image consulting was a service reserved for the rich and famous. Nothing is further from reality. Today, image consulting services are within everyone’s reach.

Thanks to technology advancements, people can also book online image consultation through virtual meetings. Every day, thousands of people receive advice from a professional image consultant to achieve real changes in their image and contribute to improving their lives.

Image consulting is a booming profession that has become indispensable for people of different careers and occupations. It has also become a necessary branch for the image, personal presentation and development of individual and corporate communication, in employees of large and small companies.

All clients are unique and each one books an image consultation looking for something different: reflect a life change through their image, work reasons, learning what clothes and colors look best on them…

Purpose of image consulting

In order to create change from the outside in, the image consultant is in charge of analyzing the appearance of each person to enhance their strengths and make them look more attractive. 

An image consultant advises people so that they get the most out of their image. To do this, they study their characteristics, both physical and character-wise, to maximize their best features.

However, they not only focus on the physical factor, but also help people improve relationships with those around them and optimize social habits, such as guiding them in having excellent good manners.

After carrying out this analysis of the characteristics and personal traits, the image consultant advises their clients on the style that best suits them or the colors that enhance their features. 


The personal image is associated with the identity of the individual, and it frames the way people behave, how they express and present themselves to others, how third parties perceive them, and how they dress. The image is the first thing people project and that others see and show who they are. Image consultants offer a very clear objective: improving people’s look so they project their personality and authenticity through their image.

What are the functions of an image consultant?

  • Analyze the general image of the client: appearance, the color and shape of the eyes, hair, and way of dressing to generate a general profile to determine what style of clothing that flatters the person.
  • Define a personal color palette that suits the client based on their skin, eyes, and hair tones.
  • Propose a wardrobe that takes into account aspects such as the size and design of the clothes.


In addition to the image, an image consultant also helps the clients in aspects related to verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as lifestyle and behaviors. With all this analysis, the image consultant will be able to build their own action plan for each client, adapted to their needs. The image is not only what is seen at first sight, but there are many more aspects that make an impression of someone. The way people behave, communicate, or body language make up their integral image.


  • Personalized transformation: Each client enjoys a personalized and exclusive treatment. The image consultant carries out training sessions that are exclusively prepared for the client.
  • Style advice: The image consultant has knowledge of personal image care, from doing makeup, styling the hair, facial hair, or grooming the skin in order to get the best out of their personal beauty. 
  • Wardrobe update: The image professional analyzes the clients’ body shape and fits and advises them on the best clothes to wear. So they can present who they want to be. Moreover, image consultants teach their client etiquette and dress codes for all occasions. They learn to wear the colors that enhance their natural beauty and charm.
  • Training of verbal and non-verbal communication: The image consultant advises the clients to express themselves at their best. That helps them to be more confident. Non-verbal communication and image consultancy are two terms that go hand in hand because of the way people look and express themselves. The well-known phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” couldn’t be more true.


Currently, companies require image consultants for different tasks, including establishing the dress codes of their employees, in line with the message that the brand wants to convey. 

Companies like hotel, tourism and airline sectors request image consultants who have the ability to work with each of their employees, perfecting all aspects of their image (make-up, wardrobe, hairstyle, accessories) as well as the forms of communication, expression, and customer service.


One platform helping to meet this growing demand is the STYiLES app. This app connects clients with a network of image consultants who offer online image consulting services. The platform provides a convenient and accessible way for clients to access these services anywhere.

For image consultants, the STYiLES app also provides a platform to expand its services to the digital world and reach new clients. By providing online image consultations, creating a digital profile, and connecting with clients worldwide, image consultants can grow their businesses and meet the demands of the changing work landscape.

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