How to Wear the Color Pantone of 2023: Viva Magenta

The striking color Viva Magenta, a shade between pink and red, has been designated by the world color benchmark Pantone as the color of the year 2023. The American company Pantone continues to generate great expectations among professionals in the fashion industry around the world. They trust them to choose the color that will mark the trends of the following year.

If the blue tone Very Peri was the color of last year, this 2023 will be marked by a much more intense color: a red tinged with pink. Viva Magenta was chosen by an organization of 40 specialists from various fields. They looked at trends in fashion, film, television, design, politics, and world events to select the color that would meet current expectations.


Viva Magenta

The tone will take the reference PANTONE 18-1750 and has been presented as a symbol of vitality, vigor, and strength. Pantone describes it as “a lively red that encourages experimentation and unrestrained self-expression.” It is conceived as a transformative hue for creating a more positive future.

It claims to be in communion with nature and is inspired by existing reds. In fact, this shade is one of the most expensive and appreciated natural dyes, derived from cochineal insects. So, the empowering color promotes optimism and joy. Pantone also said that it is “brave, reckless, and heart-pounding.”

By choosing this color for 2023, the experts wanted to “reconnect inspiration with nature and create a disconnection with technology”. To highlight this new color, Pantone partnered with the company Huge, which presented futuristic images created with the artificial intelligence tool Midjourney.

Laurie Pressman, the vice-president of Pantone Color Institute, states: “We believe this color reflects the global transformation and innovation that is taking place and also highlights the vast possibilities that lie ahead of us.”


A lively tone that will be found in many items of clothing, accessories, decorations… Viva magenta is perfect to add a pop of color to the wardrobe. It is an elegant shade of red that transmits the sophistication of a dark burgundy tone. This powerful and unique shade can elevate any outfit, turning it into a chic and genuine look.

Viva Magenta suit
Getty Images
Viva Magenta outfit
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Viva Magenta is an energetic shade of red that aims to elevate the fuchsia pink that has been trending in the last few years. A great option is to use viva magenta in outfits as a statement color for accessories or just one key piece of clothing. With a crimson tone, the more sophisticated red can be found in:

CLOTHES: For women, it is a great color for dresses, skirts, blazers, shirts, and blouses; for men, it is ideal for sweaters, shirts, and jackets. To brighten up the formal wardrobe for work and events, get a Viva Magenta tailored suit for your female clients and a jacket for your male clients. As well, women’s shoes in this color are fashionable, from heels to sneakers.

ACCESSORIES: If you want to be on trend and wear this versatile tone in your daily outfits, you can add the touch of color with accessories. Mix and match your outfits with Viva Magenta accessories  to create energetic looks that will give your style a chic touch. There are many accessories that look great in Viva Magenta: scarves, ties, shoes, socks, bags, and even women’s jewelry. Wear them with clothes of the same color range or with neutral colors that balance it.

For instance, women can use viva magenta color for their makeup and nails. The well-known Lip Glow line of Dior offers a viva magenta color-enhancing lip balm with 24-hour hydration created from 97% ingredients of natural origin.

Viva Magenta accessories
Getty Images, shoes from Zara, and earrings from Hannah Blount


The options are very varied but, considering that it is a color that shines on its own, it works well with neutral tones. Combine it with pale gray, blue or pastel tones. Although you can also enhance it with silver or gold accessories.

Viva Magenta combination
Viva Magenta combination

Other combinations that work are with white, black, nude, and pink. On the other hand, Viva Magenta combines especially well with its own color range, with red, pastel pinks, lilacs or fuchsias and also with its complementary blues.

A safe way to get it tight is by following the formula of complementing colors. Its greatest ally is in the palette of earth tones, but it also fits with shades of gray and even orange. For more contrast, you can opt for apple green or khaki and, depending on how you wear it, it can even be combined with black.

Other options to incorporate it into the wardrobe are:

Viva Magenta outfit
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Monochromatic looks: Due to the visual impact that color has, a good option is to wear a monochromatic outfit, in which Viva Magenta is the protagonist. To highlight other parts, the ideal would be to contrast it with accessories that are in other neutral colors such as black.

Wardrobe essentials: Another option to combine it would be using a basic like a t-shirt or sweater in this hue, which contrasts with another color such as black, white or gray. It is a fun choice that will bring life to everyday looks.

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