How to Stand Out as an Image Consultant

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The image consulting and styling industries are quite competitive, since many image consulting businesses have been founded in recent years. The job keeps growing and expanding. Therefore, image consultants must be very prepared and perseverant in order to stand out and succeed. STYiLES is explaining how to stand out as an image consultant. Here are some key strategies and methods that professionals can develop to boost their businesses.


In this age with highly globalized markets, consumers have many purchasing alternatives that are very similar to what you can offer. In fact, there are more and more options and nothing suggests that this trend can be reversed. For this reason, companies are required to look for alternatives that make them stand out from the competition because all businesses have to know how to adapt to current needs and customer demand.

As a result of the digitization of information and access to all kinds of knowledge through the web, today’s consumers are increasingly exigent and more specific in the products and services they demand. The engaged clients have more voice and power. That is why they demand higher quality in its products and better services. For this reason, outstanding companies focus on building relationships with their customers and on earning their trust.

Implementing a good business strategy to sell your products and services is no longer enough. Selling is important, but even more so is customer satisfaction and the way they perceive the products or services they got. Understanding the clients, listening to them, interacting with them and living up to their demands are the best ways to retain them.

The most effective way to differentiate your company from the competition and stand out is not only to satisfy the needs of our customers but also to meet all their expectations. To get to the answers and the desired result, you must first learn to ask yourself the right questions, such as: “What do your customers really need?” and “What things can’t they get from your competitors?


1. Determine the needs of your potential clients

Clients do not search for products or services; they look for solutions to their concerns and aspirations. The value creation of your services will depend not only on quality or price, but also on the perception that the customers have about it. What is considered valuable is not the service or product itself, but its functionality. So the real question you should be asking yourself is: “What kind of solutions am I providing to my clients?”

2. Think about what you can offer exclusively

You should try to differentiate your image consulting business by marketing unique and world-class productand services. Develop a personalized and quality service. Customize the products you provide and adapt every service to each client in order to satisfy their personal and professional needs. Establish your business in strategic areas that facilitate location and create an attractive website. There are so many ways to stand out. You just have to put into practice your skills, creativity and the desire to grow.

3. Define a clear strategy

Once you know exactly that you can satisfy the needs of your potential clients, you will have to establish the way in which you will do it. The success of an image consulting company will not only depend on the products or services that are provided, but also on the plan that the company follows. Many good image consulting businesses could face hardships if they do not design a clear strategy and engaging campaigns. Image consultants must communicate well their objectives and meet their goals.

4. Improve the client experience

All the knowledge and strategies you can use will lose their meaning and effectiveness if your clients detect flaws in the way you treat them. It is essential that you have the right team with the skills to provide an excellent customer service. Human talent is the basis of any business. Here are some tips to improve the client experience:

  • Maintain a careful image of your staff and your business.
  • Be kind, friendly, warm and respectful.
  • Provide information that is clear, accurate and reliable.
  • Do not argue with your clients.
  • Do not promise things you can’t deliver.
  • Ask your customers for suggestions for improvements and listen carefully to their recommendations.
  • Be flexible. Listen to their claims and think about the solution.
  • Treat them as you would like to be treated yourself.

5. Create interactivity

When your current clients and potential clients feel that they have the freedom to interact with you and your company, the relationship between you and your clients will be based on trust and mutual cooperation. You must always be aware that business relationships must focus on building that strong connection.

6. Build a brand identity

Your brand must have its own personality, a tone of voice, a way of communicating and a clear definition of its goals and values. The personality you decide to have as an image consultant must be unique and stand out from the direct and indirect competition. Potential customers should be able to identify your logo and name.

A strong brand identity distinguishes your business from the competition. Take into account the entire customer experience: from the first time they visit your website, to payment and everything related to post-booking interactions. Each of these steps provides a unique opportunity for your brand to stand out. Know the market and differentiate yourself from other image consultants.

7. Understand the competition

Check out your competitors’ social media channels and do some research to find out what services and client experience they are offering.  Discover their strengths and identify their weaknesses so you know exactly where your biggest opportunities areThen, plan how you can maximize your successes and learn from your mistakes.

8. Give importance to teamwork

In addition to making sure you are considering the entire customer experience, it is important to work with a trustworthy and efficient team. Your employees should help your business stand out. Let them know what your goals are, give them the foundation of the competitive landscape and train them properly so they can uphold the standards that set your brand apart.

9. Be committed

Being consistent and passionate is the key to obtaining lasting and sustainable results. While consistency is important, also remember to be flexible enough to reorient yourself when strategies work more or less successfully than estimated. The competition is likely to catch up to you at some point, so be on the constant lookout for new ideas to make your image consulting business stand out.

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