How to Prepare for Summer as an Image Consultant

Image consultant shopping in summer

Summer is coming, as well as the new fashion trends for the hot weather. It is important to be aware of the styles, fabrics and colors that you should include in your clients’ wardrobes to help them look stylish and be confident throughout the summer season. Get a selection of high-quality items that are fresh and lightweight as well as accessories that enhance your clients’ looks. It is also important to find out which are the best grooming products for summer, from sunscreens to moisturizers.

Apart from taking care of the selection of clothing and accessories, mind that you have to make your clients feel as comfortable and fashionable as possible in the hot weather. When you have in-person consultations, ask your clients how they prefer the air conditioning and offer them a refreshing drink to improve the overall experience. STYiLES is giving you some key tips to upgrade your services this summer and build elegant wardrobes for the hot weather.



  • White: It is the most essential color for summer. White clothing and accessories are ideal for summer because they transmit freshness and elegance.
  • Light blue: This color never goes out of style. It is modern but sophisticated at the same time, light but attractive. Little by little, it is becoming more of a wardrobe must-have than a trend. The combination of blue/light blue with beige/brown is one of the main color mixes of the season.
  • Beige: Nude is a key color for summer because it is refined and timeless. It is a perfect tone to combine with other pastel hues.
  • Red: It is a chic color that improves any look. A darker red is an ideal color for clothing, while a brighter red is better for accessories.
  • Green: Green tops, bottoms and accessories refresh people’s looks. There are many tones of green that look great on men and women, from olive to mint.
  • Purple: Purple is a modish and unique color. Both darker purple tones like violet and lighter ones such as lavender or lilac are original and glamorous.
  • Yellow: It is the color of summer. This color makes people stand out and gives vitality to their looks. Yellow conveys joy and positivity. Pastel yellow is so subtle that it works well even in a total look. The basic combinations of yellow are with white, black and earth tones.
  • Orange: It gives the necessary dose of color, vitality and optimism for summer. It looks amazing on people with tan skin. We recommend darker hues of orange that are not too striking.
  • Pink: It is a delicate and feminine color that also looks good on men when they wear it in tops. Light pink and fuchsia are two voguish hues.



  • Cotton: Cotton is a soft, moisture-wicking and breathable fabric that ranges from semi-sheer to opaque. Cotton knits are made with interlocking yarns that help create airy loops. It is easy to wash and durable, ideal for both tops and bottoms. This fabric is much softer than others, so its touch is very pleasant and comfortable. In addition, cotton is a fiber that absorbs moisture very well and retains heat, so during the hottest time of the year it can offer much greater freshness and prevent people from sweating.
  • Linen: It is cool to the touch and extremely soft on the skin. It is great for dress pants and blazers. Linen has fewer threads than cotton, which makes it very durable and appropriate for both dry and wet heat. Linen can absorb about a fifth of its weight in water, so it is convenient for people who tend to sweat.
  • Chambray: It has similar characteristics as cotton. It is a fine and breathable fabric due to its greater number of threads which is cool both in dry heat and humidity. Chambray is also similar to denim, but it is finer and more breathable.



Some must-have accessories for your clients’ summer wardrobes are a good pair of sunglasses that suits their faces, fedora hats, leather watches and, as always, belts that combine well with the light-colored summer outfits. Advise your clients on how to include more fashionable accessories in their looks to take them to the next level. For women, choose a variety of jewelry that suits each of their characters and styles.


Get the best grooming products for your clients to keep their skin and hair healthy during the hot weather. Avoid heavy creams that are sticky because they produce a very uncomfortable sensation when sweating. For moisturizers, we recommend nutritious products with a water base. This way, your clients’ faces will look bright and hydrated no matter how much the temperatures rise.

Summer is the season when sunscreen is most needed because people expose more skin and the sun rays are intense, although sun protection should not be forgotten any day of the year. Select a light sunscreen of a minimum of 30 SPF that does not produce a heavy effect. Moreover, advise your clients to always carry a thermal water or a mist that provides hydration and a refreshing sensation to their skin at any time of the day.

Do not forget to remind your clients about the importance of body exfoliation at least once a week to eliminate dead cells and help the skin absorb the moisturizer and oils better. To do it, tell them to use body scrubs that contain ingredients that, at the same time, hydrate and repair. They should apply it with an exfoliating mitt or sponge along with a nourishing soap. After this process, their skin will be ready to absorb the moisturizer properly.

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