How to Improve your Image Consulting Client Experience

An image consultant and a client during a consultation

An image consultation is all about the style enhancement as well as the confidence and comfort that the client feels. A person’s fashion and mindset go hand in hand, so it is required that image consultants and personal stylists offer a great service for their clients to feel happy and safe throughout the makeover process. In the end, image consultants are professionals who guide their clients by giving them both style and lifestyle advice. Therefore, they have to be reliable and connect with their clients. Being attentive and listening to them from the start are some of the key elements to ensure the best client experience.

STYiLES offers tips to image consultants on how to build good relationships with their clients, since it facilitates a clear communication between the client and the image consultant. Also, its fast shipping worldwide allows image consultants to provide their clients with custom-tailored fashionable and high-end clothes for every season. STYiLES is the perfect online platform for image consultants to get everything they need in order to improve their services. Read carefully our advice to upgrade the quality of your consultations.


STYiLES gives image consultants all the necessary tools to boost their clients’ confidence and take their style to the next level. From polished clothing and accessories to fast shipping, the whole procedure is quick and exceptional. The app makes image consultants and their clients become more satisfied and content about the whole development of the services.

In addition, image consultants can find the most significant and useful directions to enrich their service and client experience on STYiLES. In the end, maintaining the clients pleased is the priority for image consultants. Evolve into the best professional you can be to make sure that your work is impeccable and unmatched. If you follow these recommendations, your clients will be very grateful to have chosen you as their image consultants:


  1. Listen attentively to your clients’ needs and aspirations.
  2. Comprehend what your clients want to enhance about their style and image.
  3. Make your clients feel comfortable throughout their makeover process.
  4. Keep the communication with your clients flowing and constant.
  5. Build custom-tailored wardrobes that suit each of your clients perfectly.
  6. Ensure that the quality of the clothing and accessories you shop for your clients is the best.
  7. Ship the items to your clients as fast as possible.
  8. Boost your clients’ confidence and help them accomplish their goals.
  9. Make sure that every client feels special and well treated.
  10. Ask your clients about how they feel throughout the process.
  11. Give your clients advice in a calm and empathic way.
  12. Cheer on your clients when they progress.
  13. Compliment your clients on their beautiful features.
  14. Do not ask too much about their private lives or cross barriers.
  15. Evaluate positively the clients’ before and after.
  16. Encourage your clients to always keep revamping themselves.


  1. Promote your services with an attractive marketing strategy.
  2. Build a network of trustworthy stylists and develop partnerships with them.
  3. Be consistent and creative with your work.
  4. Experiment with new styles while keeping it elegant and sophisticated.
  5. Get inspiration constantly about fashion brands, styles and the latest trends.
  6. Study about lifestyle and grooming by reading professional tips.
  7. Find out which are the best skin & hair care products in the market to recommend/sell them.
  8. Learn from many professionals around the world and do not limit yourself.
  9. Be true to your own working philosophy and do not compare yourself with others too often.
  10. Practice styling and image consulting with different kinds of people who have distinct skin tones, body features and personalities.

It is relevant that image consultants consider all these tips vital for them to build a solid base from where they can grow their business in the right direction. Every job demands perseverance, effort and dedication aside from talent and skills. That is why it is important for image consultants to keep the previous points in mind.

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