How to Build Customer Loyalty as an Image Consultant

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Customer loyalty is based on the client’s decision to strongly favor a brand or company by repeatedly purchasing its products or booking its services. The customers are loyal to the brand because they perceive that the company understands and meets their needs in an efficient way. This customer loyalty is based on the trust that the clients have towards a certain business, even though there are similar offers and lower prices in the market. Customers are the backbone of any business. Therefore, it is important to preserve them for the long term. STYiLES is explaining how to build customer loyalty as an image consultant.

It is relevant for an image consulting business to focus on satisfying their clients’ needs and requests in order to grow and attract more clients. The benefits of customer loyalty include: natural promotion from your satisfied customers through word of mouth, a competitive advantage in the marketplace and an increase in sales. That is why an image consultant must work on strengthening customer loyalty as well as upgrading the quality of their services and products to make it possible.


Your image consulting business has to meet both your current and potential clients’ expectations and needs. However, building customer loyalty is about creating a connection between the clients and the company that goes further, in which there are more factors and a relationship is achieved on a deeper level: the customer trusts the brand over the product.

1. Make sure to provide high-quality services and products

Customers stay loyal to an image consulting business because it offers the highest-quality products and services that satisfy their needs. Therefore, it is essential that image consultants make sure to provide premium products made of high-end fabrics and luxurious designs in addition to life-changing consulting services.

You must work on improving your clients’ lifestyles along with their styles. Give them the best tips  on communication and behavior, customize their wardrobes with the highest-quality clothes and let them know which grooming routines work best for their skin and hair. Every detail matters. That way, the customer loyalty will boost on its own and you will be recommended to other clients that will look forward to enjoying your excellent services.

2. Make your clients feel special

The direct interaction of the image consulting business with the client makes the difference in the services provided. This can be carried out physically or through social networks, asking for the opinion of the customers or proposals to improve the company’s products and services. Show attention to what your clients consider important so you make convenient changes that benefit your business and your customers. Keep in mind that an image consulting business needs the clients and vice versa. It is a partnership more than a mere business exchange. Make your clients feel special by letting them know how valuable and precious they are to the company.

3. Offer an excellent customer service

A positive brand experience is even more important than good advertising and marketing strategies. You can show how amazing your image consulting services are on social media and your website, but it will be useless if you do not show your clients that all you promote is true. Offering customers a great experience will make them get more of your services and products, be more loyal and share it with their relatives and friends. Treat your clients kindly, be attentive and thoughtful, provide personalized services, answer to their requests quickly and keep in contact with them.

4. Engage your clients

Engaging with customers can build a sense of community and belonging. Using social networks to notify about new trends, special tips and important updates is fundamental to grow your image consulting business. All interactions with your clients should feel like a conversation, since customers feel an emotional connection to a business that cares about them. 

We recommend you to connect with your potential clients through platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Also, exchange numbers and emails with your current clients to maintain a clear and direct communication with them. That is elementary to establish a reliable and upright relationship with your clients from the beginning.

5. Get to know your clients well

It is relevant to collect and analyze the data that you have about your customers. Understanding customer behavior can help you maintain loyal customers. Ask your customers why they need your services, what is their current situation and what they expect from your image consulting business.

Comprehend your clients’ needs and adapt every service to their specific desires. Some clients may need to polish up their style and refresh their wardrobes, others boost their confidence and change their daily routines. The first step is to plan the consultations in consonance with those concrete demands. It enables your company to establish a long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship with your customers.

6. Increase the value of the client experience

Customer experience is the key to success in today’s image consulting market. How your customers feel, think and react to your business will determine whether or not they will stay loyal to you. There are many talented and skilled image consultants out there, so you must prove that you are the right professional for your clients. Your brand has to be original and distinctive in order to become prestigious and reputable.

There are some factors that affect the customer experience, such as the quality of the products and services you offer, how well you understand your customers’ needs and how effectively you can meet their expectations. One key thing to do is to keep up to date with the latest trends and innovations in the industry to modernize and update your services. Then, your clients will feel impressed and satisfied.

7. Adopt a customer-centric mindset

Everyone in your company needs to adopt a customer-centric mindset. For example, the human resources team must ensure that employees are satisfied, as happy employees work better and lead to happy customers. If every person in your company works towards the goal of satisfying each customer, you will develop an infallible customer-first strategy. So, work with a trustworthy team to be able to achieve your goals as an expert image consultant and help your clients become a better version of themselves.

8. Prove that your business is reliable

The customers must trust that the brand can satisfy their needs in every part of the image consulting process. The customers have plenty of expectations that the company must meet, from receiving great lifestyle tips to getting the most sophisticated clothes. Image consultants have to take care of every detail and keep the communication flowing with their clients. Trust grows from the consistent actions of a business that works hard to offer world-class services and products to its clients.

9. Be transparent

Define your business’ values and mission, such as helping people enhance their style and image to make them feel confident. The perspective must always be positive and hopeful. The clients will be more loyal to your brand if they relate to the values you promote. Determine the DNA of your business to connect with your clients and convince them that your company can meet their needs. Put your customers first and help them in a meaningful way for your business to get off the ground.

On the other hand, guarantee transparency and commitment to your clients. Transparency gives your customers the guidelines to trust the business and stay loyal to it. Being committed and transparent implies that you show the real purpose of your company; provide suitable solutions for each type of client and generate marketing, advertising and sales strategies according to what your customers are looking for and that you can solve effectively.

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