How STYiLES Works

For Image Consultants

Once image consultants define their expertise and the services they provide in their profiles, they can benefit from the great features that STYiLES app offers: premium personal shopping and custom tailoring, easy ordering and express shipping worldwide, booking online or in-person consultations in an efficient way, managing the clients’ information and requests, communicating with the clients through a chat, finding useful resources, and checking the order status.

For Clients

After creating their profiles, clients can search for the image consultant that meets all their needs, find featured products they would like to order, know all the details about their appointments, keep in touch with their image consultant through a private chat, and read a blog about fashion and lifestyle.

For Merchants

Merchants can use STYiLES app to sell their high-quality products and promote their brands. The products will be classified into specific categories so both image consultants and clients can easily find the items they want to order.