How to Find Resources for your Image Consulting Business

Resources for an image consulting business

Image consultants need premium resources to provide high-end services. The job of an image consultant is dynamic and diverse, since it is about helping people become a better version of themselves by improving their images and lifestyles.

Image consultants work to enhance all aspects of their clients’ lives in order for them to thrive, feel more confident and be successful. From their looks to their health, living and working spaces… they make sure their clients get personalized and high-quality services that improve their style, skin and hair condition, communication, behavior, among others.

For that reason, image consultants have to specialize in many areas to offer upscale services and products to their clients and satisfy their needs. Many times, fashion stylists and image consultants need to contact other professionals who are experts in areas that they may not have experience in: hairdressers, dermatologists, life coaches, nutritionists, dentists, personal trainers, interior designers, etc.

It is convenient to trust skilled specialists who can provide the best solutions to your clients. Therefore, image consultants should build a network of trusted professionals and collaborate with them. That is why STYiLES is explaining how to find resources for your image consulting business.


Define what kind of  professionals you want to connect with

Depending on the services your image consulting business offers, you must find different resources for each of them. For instance, in case you offer grooming consultations, contact hair stylists, dermatologists and cosmetics experts who can give you valuable information on the premium products for each type of skin and hair as well as recommendations about skincare and hair care procedures.

If you were to see that your client needs to change their glasses for a more polished look, it would be useful to already know of an optical shop which provides great vision care and stylish glasses. Likewise, working with renowned interior designers and contractors who specialize in renovations come in handy for when you want to decorate or style your clients’ spaces. One of the most important resources to have is a tailor who makes high-end customized clothes for your clients.

Create a good personal brand

For others to know you, it is essential to create your personal brand on the Internet and, specifically, on social networks. Publish quality content that transmits the values and mission of your image consulting business. Moreover, keep a record of your contacts and update it regularly. Share knowledge with your network of contacts. This will help you show your business and brand to the potential partners.

Locate partners in your area and attend events

Once you are clear about who these persons of interest are, you have to locate them. Take advantage of the opportunity offered by social networks, the information that appears on the different web pages and attend networking events. Attending face-to-face or virtual events will help you create or expand your network of contacts. There are different event formats focused on certain sectors in the form of conferences, congresses, fairs, forums, etc. As well, platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook are great tools to expand your contacts and meet interesting work partners.

If you also offer remote services and have international clients, it is appropriate to have a resources list of various professionals in different countries who you can recommend to your clients. At STYiLES app, we offer image consultants a resource page where they can find trusted experts in many areas.

Contact qualified and skilled professionals

Make sure that every professional you connect with is skillful and experienced. Check if they have positive reviews and go meet them in person if possible. Keep in mind that the contacts that you want to incorporate into your network have to meet yours and your clients’ expectations. They must be trusted because you will work together, since you will bring them clients and they will complement your work.

You can also help them with some tasks and participate in their projects or businesses. Then, maintain regular communication with contacts to keep them interested in your image consulting business and build loyalty as a partner. We recommend you to send them a private message and let them know that you are willing to work together with them by sharing clients.

Build a strong relationship with partners

Once the professionals answer back and accept your request, you should keep in touch and build a strong relationship with them in order to maintain the connection. It is very beneficial to have resources and partners that you can trust and collaborate with anytime. Your clients will be more satisfied if they know that they can count on you and that they are getting the best services to upgrade their image, style and lifestyle.

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