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ElsaB Image Consulting

The image consultant Elsa Boutaric has joined the STYiLES app and is now offering her ElsaB Styling image consulting, personal shopping, and color analysis services through the app. She is an experienced image consultant based in Paris that has helped over 100+ clients and who is certified in:

  • Style Coaching
  • Image Coaching
  • Personal Styling
  • Personal Branding
  • Corporate Image Consulting
  • Business Etiquette
  • Non-Verbal Communication


Elsa works with the purpose of helping her clients show their unique styles and give them confidence in themselves. She focuses on the importance of versatility and self-expression in fashion. Elsa has also written an e-book, Your Game Planner Wardrobe Challenge, and created a course for people to bring their wardrobe to the next level.


Elsa has a degree in business studies from the London School of Commerce and an AAS in Fashion Marketing from the Parsons School of Design. She has also studied at the Parsons School of Design in New York, attended the Ecole Supérieure de Relooking in Paris, and the Stylist London Academy, as well as The Style Coach Institute.

She completed the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) accredited “By Ferial” image consultant training and earned Business Etiquette and Non-Verbal Communication certificates at The British School of Etiquette.


Elsa’s services allow women to “discover the confidence that can improve relationships, career, finances, and life.” Most of ElsaB styling services are available both online and in person for the maximum convenience of her clients.

“When your image reflects who you want to be, you can feel happier, lighter, and more empowered. When you look great, you feel amazing and appear confident, successful, and put-together no matter the occasion”, states Elsa.

Online services

  • Online wardrobe edit w/ personal styling: Maximizing the current wardrobe; building a stylish, well-coordinated capsule wardrobe; and creating looks based on lifestyle, style-personality, and personal brand.
  • Online personal shopping: Online and in-store shopping for customized looks; creating timeless and effortless looks for any occasion; getting pre-selected essential investment pieces to complete your signature look.

In-person services

  • Wardrobe edit: Clearing, organizing, and refreshing the wardrobe; learning how to budget for a wardrobe that meets lifestyle; creating a closet that functions efficiently.
  • Personal styling: An in-store styling session with pre-selected essential looks; optimizing the wardrobe & creating looks that reflect the brand image & authentic style; identifying the personal color.
  • Personal shopping: Getting personally curated looks based on the results one wants in their image and life; learning how to shop smarter to avoid wardrobe clutter; getting looks that flatter the body type and complexion.


Elsa highlights the importance of finding the color of her clients to build wardrobes based on which tones flatter them. She states that: “Every great styling session requires the right use of color. In fact, colors build the foundation of your look.”

The image consultant assures that the color of people is everlasting and always right, so once they know what works for them, they can continue creating an image that aligns with their best version and who they want to be.

That is why ElsaB offers a professional color analysis, in-person or online, to show her clients their “personal pallet of colors” that is harmonious with their specific natural coloring. She also states that dressing based on one’s color increases well-being and camouflages flaws to enhance positive features.


As well, ElsaB Styling provides a 6-Week Makeover program with weekly coaching and zoom calls as a “experience that aligns your style with your authentic self.” She teaches her clients the essential steps in building their “signature style” designed for their lifestyle, personality, body shape, color, and budget. That way, they build a “cost-per-year wardrobe” to save time and money.

Every week, Elsa offers 1 key piece of advice and explains it so her clients feel their “most confident and in control.” She says that “once you learn these 6 keys, you will immediately attract more love, more money, more influence, and more joy into your life.”

In the course, Elsa gives the answers on: 

  • How Can I Create My Signature Style?
  • How Can I Use Style To Create a Brand image?
  • How Can I Dress For My Body Shape?
  • How Can I Save Money and Shop Well-fitting Clothes?
  • And much more…


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