Elegant Fashion Trends for Summer 2022

Elegant Summer Fashion

Summer is a season that allows people to combine many textures and colors in order to dress elegantly. As image consultants and stylists, it is important that you advise your clients on how to make the most of their summer clothes and accessories so they look polished. It is as important to feel comfortable and refreshed as it is to look stylish and elegant. That is why you should help your clients build dashing outfits for the hot weather so they look their best while feeling nice and cool during the summer.


The main point is to advise your clients based on their body type and their own character. Everyone’s elegance is determined by their personal style and charisma. It is important that you help your clients find it and maximize their potential. Then, they will be able to combine clothes much better, since they will always choose clothes that are appropriate to their morphology and personality.

You also have to find the perfect balance between trends and classics. People need sophisticated and well-fitting clothes that make them feel comfortable and confident. That is why we recommend that trends are not the main focus, just that you incorporate them in small details such as accessories and shoes. This way, you will be able to build modern and upscale wardrobes for your clients without ever giving up elegance.

  • Items made of lightweight, high-quality fabrics: Clothes that are high-end definitely upgrade any outfit. From linen to organic cotton, create summer looks that are breathable and stylish for both men and women. Advise them to always get premium items that are made with the best materials to take their outfits to the next level.
  • Accessories and details: For women, you can incorporate accessories such as belts and trendy bags that create a more refined and elegant look and make it stand out. When it comes to men, watches and ties are some key accessories. Good sunglasses and shoes are the basics for both.
  • Bright and light colors: White and off-white are some of the best shades for summer, as they are rejuvenating and bright tones that convey elegance. They go well with any other color and are perfect for both formal and informal outfits. Therefore, white shirts are must-haves. As well, earth and golden colors are ideal for elegant summer looks. For instance, gold accessories improve women’s outfits significantly. A very effective way to achieve this is to add a belt with golden details. Another option is to opt for items in subtle pastel colors, such as light green and blue.


Summer suit: The most elegant items to wear throughout the whole year are blazers and dress pants. The modish combination creates a classy and smart look that works perfectly for men and women. As an image consultant, make sure that the suit is well-fitting by ordering custom-tailored pieces for each client that adapt to their bodies flawlessly. For the summer, it is convenient that the clothes are not too slim-fit since the heat makes it uncomfortable to wear tight outfits.

The tailored suit is an option that always shows sophistication and elegance in all seasons. If your clients do not want to wear a blazer during the summer, let them know that they can wear a plain shirt on top and roll the sleeves up if it gets too hot. Women can also dress striped trousers with a blouse that allows them to be comfortable when temperatures get high without losing the distinctive touch. The ideal colors for summer suits are beige, off-white and navy blue. In the case it suits the client’s style, you can choose suits in elegant colors like dark purple or green, mostly for women. The best fabrics are linen and cotton.

  • Straight jeans and a blouse or polo shirt: Denim pants are timeless classics that can look very elegant if matched well. In summer, we recommend you style them with sophisticated blouses for women and polo shirts for men. The jeans should be dark, and the tops of great quality for the outfit to actually be decorous. Adding some accessories like belts elevates the look.
  • For men, chinos and shirts: It is a combination that never fails to make men be stylish and confident. Chinos in khaki, beige, brown, white and black are perfect for men’s summer looks. Combine the chinos with shirts in white or light colors to create a stunning outfit. Avoid shirts with flashy patterns and trousers that are too slim or loose. Keep it balanced and sophisticated.
  • For women, flowing dresses and skirts: Women look very elegant when they wear flowing, silky dresses and skirts that are over the knees. Depending on every woman’s body shape, you should recommend them to wear more loose-fitting or tighter dresses and skirts to accentuate their figures. Pieces in muted colors without patterns are the most elegant ones. Every woman needs a plain black dress and skirt to combine with their tops for both formal and informal occasions. Find the designs and fabrics that suit each female client, from linen to seersucker. The key is to do an analysis of the colors that are most suitable for every person according to their skin, hair and eyes tone.


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