7 Tips to Offer an Effective Online Image Consultation

Online image consultation

Hosting an online image consultation gives image consultants the opportunity to reach clients worldwide and provide their services anytime, anywhere. It also gives the same benefits for clients to have image consulting sessions as needed regardless of their location. When communicating virtually, lead the session in an especially engaging way.

The camera shows the accurate appearance of the client, and the image consultant and the client can discuss clearly just as they would do in person. Also, the image consultant can share the screen to show fashion inspiration boards, presentations, and products etc. 

Online image consultations allow the professionals to expand the business globally and scale it. There are no limits to carry out a great virtual image consultation. You can use the STYiLES app to connect with clients worldwide and schedule online image consultations with a few clicks.


Choose the right meeting platform for your needs

The most important thing about running a virtual meeting is the platform you use. If you are meeting with a client for the first time, consider asking them beforehand which meeting tool is most convenient for them.

Make sure to test the choice of tools for the online image consulting session in advance. Check the camera and microphone for clear communications.

Here is a list of some tools for holding virtual meetings:

  • GoToMeeting: A very complete and reliable online meeting program.
  • Google Hangouts – One of the more convenient options, especially if you’re using Google Calendar to manage your schedule.
  • – An ideal tool for screen sharing online meetings.
  • Zoom: A platform that allows you to deliver messages quickly and easily.

Clarify how your client will join the online meeting

You can add a description in the calendar invite. Don’t assume people will immediately see the meeting link and know the steps to join. You should be very clear with the instructions on how your clients can join, so that there aren’t misunderstandings.

Send them the link via email or text message. You can also share the link to their Google calendar in case they use it. Above all, avoid any inconveniences at the time of meeting, mostly technical problems.

Join the meeting five minutes early

Make sure to enter the meeting before your client. Whenever possible, set aside at least five minutes before your scheduled appointment starts to prepare and join. That will make you appear more responsible and professional.

Be aware of time zones and avoid rescheduling

If you are meeting a client located in different time zones, assess what time they could connect within their normal working day. If you are the one scheduling the meeting, be sure to schedule it at a time that works for your clients. There are many tools to check different time zones. We recommend World Click for Android and iOS.

In case you need to reschedule or cancel a virtual meeting, do it carefully and never last minute. Before you simply change the time of the calendar invite, ask your client and listen to their preferences. A virtual meeting is a commitment. If you really have to change it, send a personal apology and explain the situation.

Stick to the meeting time

Discipline, organization, and planning are important to a successful meeting. In addition, you must be very strict with the use of time and the follow-up of the agenda. It is important to set a fixed end time for your meeting and a time limit. It shows that you respect your client’s time too.

Choose your meeting location wisely

Be aware of where you are and what is happening around you. Certain rooms are noisier than others, even if you are at home or in your office. Limit distractions by avoiding the use of the cell phone. As well, don’t multitask performing other tasks at the time of the meeting, even some as simple as eating or drinking.

As well, remember to position the camera properly before starting the meeting. Take care of the background to make sure that everything looks neat and organized. A virtual background can be used to remove or replace the background if necessary. However, it is always best to show an actual background that is illuminated and not distracting.

Show your best side

Show the most stylish and elegant side of yourself during virtual meetings. Since you are an image consultant, make sure to show your personal style and look your best. You set an example. Portray who you really are without overdoing it and dressing up too much. Also, make sure to groom your skin and hair so you appear polished and healthy.

Moreover, introduce yourself in a kind and professional way. Explain to your client which is your experience and specialization in detail. Connect with the client from the start to begin building a relationship based on trust. Then, ask your client to talk about their day and current personal thoughts. Always communicate energetically and genuinely to get your client’s attention.

  • Maintain the correct posture: Your face and half of your body should be in the center of the frame. That is, a direct central plane to the face.
  • Look at the camera: When you are talking, you should look at the camera and not at the screen. This helps to generate eye contact with the client.

Give an action plan

Provide an agenda in advance so the clients know what to expect. It will also help them to prepare their questions before coming to the image consulting session. To do this, they understand what is going to be addressed and achieved during the meeting. Once the online meeting is over, make meeting notes or action items available to the clients so they know the next steps and can follow up.

Ask for feedback from the client

Ask for feedback from the clients after the session. This will help you to improve your future image consulting sessions and keep engaging with the client.

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