3 Differences Between Image Consulting for Men and Women

Image consulting for men and women

As an image consultant, knowing the differences between genders in image consulting will affect your work. When you understand what each group needs, you will become a more effective consultant. Plus, you can tailor your brand toward either men or women, depending on which is a better fit from your communication style.

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  • Men: Men tend to wear whatever fits them and don’t seek feedback on their clothing. That is why they have a bigger need for image consulting. Professional style advice helps them pay attention to their looks and feel more confident.
  • Women: Most women care about the way they look and ask around about what they should wear. Women need image consultants to receive objective and expert advice on how to select stylish clothes that suit them and the correct clothing size.


  • Men: Men focus on the results. “Because they’re results-driven, it is important to show them immediate improvements,” mentions Jen Auh in the book STYiLES. The expert image consultant recommends taking before and after pictures during a consultation. Also, it is convenient to teach men useful tips during each session.
  • Women: Female clients care about their transformation journey. They want to be part of the process. Women appreciate feeling like the image consultant is working together with them. For instance, they especially care about shopping, so they want to be there and participate.


  • Men: When speaking to male clients, assume the position of an authority figure and be very direct with them. The image consultant Jen Auh explains the way she does it with her clients in STYiLES: “There is no need to frame my suggestions as one of many valid options: ‘In my opinion, you should…’ I just say, ‘This is what you need to do’. Men don’t want to think at all about what to wear.”
  • Women: On the contrary, a straightforward communication style doesn’t work for female clients. You should be sensitive and supportive by guiding them. “Women also want to feel empowered to make smart fashion choices on their own,” says Jen Auh in STYiLES. She recommends pulling together a lookbook of styles and a list of the best places to shop for clothes, shoes, or accessories.


Some image consultants are naturally inclined to use a direct approach. For others, the sensitive style is more compatible with their personality. Jen Auh indicates that “you need to identify it, embrace it, and build your brand around your communication style.”

If your communication style is more direct, you will be most successful with men. If you prefer to guide clients to the right decisions then a female-focused business is a better choice.


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