Differences Between an Image Consultant and a Personal Stylist

Image consultant and personal stylist

The image consulting business includes a wide variety of services, from wardrobe consulting to personal shopping and communication advice. People’s images are not only determined by their looks, but also by the way they speak, behave and express themselves. That is why image consultants work on building and improving the overall image of their clients in addition to their physical appearance.

Image consultants boost their clients’ confidence by polishing up their style as well as their etiquette, developing personalized skincare and hair care routines and maximizing their potential. Therefore, they make the most of their clients’ charisma and personality. Getting personalized image consulting is very beneficial to develop a good image and communication skills in order to become more successful.

That is the main difference between an image consultant and a personal stylists, since personal stylists only focus on advising their clients on which clothes and accessories to wear and how to combine them. Image consultants also do that in addition to offering lifestyle and grooming advice. They build wardrobes that fit and suit every client by following the latest trends and staying updated with fashion in order to know which clothing is most appropriate for each person.

The advantage of image consulting is that it goes further than appearance, since it is based on improving the overall image and boosting the confidence of people. Image consultants provide outfit ideas for work and daily life as well as tips on how to maintain healthy routines, behave and communicate well, show charisma, etc. Eventually, image consultants work to help their clients become a better version of themselves.


People always seek that others perceive them in a positive way. Therefore, it is important to know which are your needs, aspirations and goals in order to find out what aspects you want to improve. You may wish to find your personal style, boost your self-esteem and make a change in your live to reach your personal and professional goals through an upgraded image and lifestyle.

People’s images have always been a subject of great importance in the history of humanity. People have consistently expressed the need to project an image through their clothing and behavior. Thus, many ancient civilizations were giving a specific meaning to each element that makes up people’s images. Over time, this has been the subject of study for many specialists.

Then, the concepts of image consulting and styling emerged. The American author John T. Malloy mentioned it in his acclaimed book “Dress for Success”. Since then, the concepts have been incorporating various aspects, including: communication, fashion, body language, among others.

Today more than ever, having the help of an expert image consultant has become very necessary to achieve personal and professional success. With new trends, it is undeniable that everyone wants to be fashionable because clothing is an important part of the reflection of our personality. However, many people do not know which clothes, accessories, hairstyles, lifestyle routines… best suit them.

Experts in the fashion and beauty industries have become professional image consultants to guide their clients and give them the tools they need to achieve a great style and image. They offer personalized services and high-end products that satisfy their clients’ needs based on the image they want to project.


Image consultants assist their clients to upgrade their overall image so they make a good impression in their personal and professional lives, whereas personal stylists just give them outfit advice to build a suitable wardrobe. It is relevant to remember that image consultants work on the styling part in the makeover process, too. Image consultants take care of their clients’ wardrobes so they match their personality and needs.

Image consulting

Image consultants work on the enhancement of a person’s style and non-verbal communication. It is important to highlight that the personal image and personal brand of people always leave a strong impact on others. Every person has an image that represents them, and that representation can speak about what they want to convey if it is built and managed properly.

Traditionally, image consulting is all about building and improving people’s images according to certain style standards. Image consultants seek to harmonize the appearance, fashion, silhouette, gestures and speech of their clients according to their own goals and personalities. For image consultants, it is as important to build fashionable wardrobes as it is to find the personal style of their clients so that they connect and coincide with their true identity.

Image consultants are professionals who advise their clients on fashion, grooming, lifestyle, communication and behavior so they project a great image. It is done through a personalized study of their tastes, lifestyle, face and body morphology and habits in order to maximize their potential.

Image consulting is a comprehensive job. It includes the following aspects:

  • Style: The charisma and authenticity of the clients are identified to reflect them in their external appearance.
  • Grooming: Various grooming parameters are analyzed and improved. Image consultants select skincare products for the type of skin of their clients, haircuts according to the shape of their faces and hair coloring according to their personal color palette.
  • Wardrobe: The personal style is defined and clothing, accessories, textures, colors and designs are recommended based on body morphology, personal characteristics and communication objectives.
  • Gestures and communication: Image consultants work to refine the body language, posture and communication of their clients.

Personal styling

Personal stylists are professionals who follow fashion trends closely and are constantly updated on designers, brands, styles and trends. Their work is related to fashion styling, wardrobe consulting and personal shopping. Like personal shoppers, personal stylists shop for the clothes that best fit and suit their clients. They also create outfits for special occasions, formal events or professional activities like a meeting or interview. A personal stylist examines their clients’ body features and personalities to build wardrobes that are filled with elegant clothes and the essentials that do not go out of style and combine well with everything.


Image consultants start by having a first meeting with the clients to get more details about their life goals and carry out an analysis on their current images and needs. During that first in-depth meeting, they determine the main characteristics of their clients. Their work is not about changing the clients’ styles, but about enhancing it according to their preferences and goals. Another important aspect that image consultants analyze is the clients’ lifestyles, work, and body features (weight, height and body shape). In addition, image consultants take into account the color of their clients’ skin and hair. Finally, they must examine their clients’ wardrobes to determine which fits, designs and types of clothing are most suitable for each person.

As well, they customize items that are sophisticated and well-fitting for their clients. Image consultants do a complete body and character analysis to give helpful indications on how to dress and convey a good image. Furthermore, image consultants customize grooming routines for their clients and advise them on how to become more confident and successful. The professionals can also specialize in home and office decoration or suitcase packing. That way, they cover all aspects of life that help people become a better version of themselves.

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