How to Incorporate Denim in the Spring Wardrobe

Denim items in the spring wardrobe

After several seasons with the 70s and the 90s fashion influence, last year recovered the fashion of the early 2000s with the ‘Y2K’ style. The trend that represents the 2000s is denim. Although total denim is an everlasting formula, it has recently focused more on a sophisticated and minimalist style, with oversized jackets and high-waisted jeans.

Denim in 2023 fashion scenery

2023 is the year of total denim looks and the reinvention of denim pieces. Blumarine presented in its S/S 2023 collection several proposals for tops and bottoms that made a significant impact.

Regarding total denim looks, Glenn Martens, creative director of Diesel, has made the firm one of the pioneers. In his latest S/S 2023 collection, he reinvented denim with new tones and designs. Denim is constantly evolving and adapting to current trends.


  • Dark blue: This spring, dark jeans will be trending, which is the most elegant.
  • Denim tops: With different lengths and sleeve shapes, denim tops will prevail.
  • Denim jumpsuit: When you’re in a hurry and don’t know what to wear, the jumpsuit is the solution to look stylish.
  • Midi skirts: The midi denim skirt has gained a foothold among the trends for a couple of seasons.
  • Reinvention of the denim jacket: The denim jacket is a classic, especially in spring and autumn. This year, the shapes and designs will be very diverse.


Patchwork: Regarding denim fabric, the patchwork effect was one of the most influential trends of last spring, combining different tones or adding materials with colorful prints. Choose ‘wide-leg’ jeans that mix different shades for a sophisticated style. This trend is also present in dresses and skirts for the ‘street style.’

Denim patchwork

Image from Getty Images

Skirts: Embrace long skirts with different finishes or side details. Experiment with textures in blazers and tops, such as satin blouses, for a sophisticated style. High sandals are the final touch. For the ‘street style,’ bet on combining it with colorful or crochet fabric tops. Add a headscarf and white sneakers.

Denim skirt

Image from InStyle (Getty Images)

Denim with leather: Opt for combining leather and denim. For a sophisticated look, pair a pencil skirt with a corset top or a fitted midi dress with a jean jacket. For the ‘street style,’ choose shorts or a mini leather skirt with an ‘oversize’ denim jacket.

Denim leather look

Alexander McQueen SS Collection 2022

Total denim look: The possibilities are endless. You can create a more straightforward look with jeans and a denim top or add a denim jacket. Don’t forget to incorporate memorable accessories to the look, such as colorful bags and heels.

Total denim look

Image from Getty Images

Denim vest: With the arrival of good weather, people can opt for garments such as vests. It is best to wear it with high-waisted pants to create the effect of a single garment. For a total denim look, select jeans in the same tone as the vest and add a unique bag as a statement piece.

Denim vest

Image from Getty Images

Denim shirt with a mini skirt: Not in total denim looks have to be the same color, since the fabric is what matters. Combine a classic denim shirt with a black miniskirt. It is a feminine and stylish look that makes all women look taller and modish.

Denim shirt with a mini skirt

Image from Getty Images

Denim dress: With a higher lycra component, denim becomes just as convenient a fabric as any other. For tighter dresses, choose darker denim. A shape that is flattering to most women is the one that is tighter in the waist and has a flared skirt. In spring, opt for long-sleeved denim dresses. Combine them with elegant bags and shoes.

Denim dress

Image from John Lewis

Denim trench coat: One of the most unique and chic options is long denim coats. You will create a cutting-edge look with a denim coat and play with the accessories. It is a great item for both men and women.

Denim trench coat

Image from Gerda&Kai


Denim shirt: It is one of the most common and simple ways. You only need a denim shirt, which can be combined in a thousand ways during the spring, along with matching jeans. The jeans and denim shirt tones can differ, but they should balance each other.

Men's denim shirt

Image from Soxy

Set of denim jacket and jeans: It is also another classic combination. The jeans should have a straight cut and be well-fitting. Also, the jacket shouldn’t be too broad or tight to the body to look elegant and stylish.

Jeans and denim jacket set

Image from Lee

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