“Cost Per Wear” Logic in Image Consulting

Cost per Wear

Sustainability is the buzzword of the moment, and for good reason. Fast fashion has taken over the world and people tend to buy a whole haul of new, affordable clothing items every month or so. Today’s culture is continuously influenced by trends, a reality that has become even more obvious with the prevalence of social media influencers and the “Instagrammification” of everyone’s lives. The “cost per wear” logic is one of the current movements that balance that tendency.

If someone gets too caught up in it, there will be no end to trying to keep up with the latest trend. Yet just as much as all of this is true, there is a vibrant and growing fashion movement in a different direction. Image consultants, people who have educated themselves on style and fashion with a reasonable and realistic vision, are key players.

It is proven and known that fashion moves in cycles. This means that what was in style once will come back in style at some point in the future. Image consultants are exactly the people who can recognize these patterns. Similarly, the timelessness of certain styles allows for many clothing items to prevail regardless of the trends that dominate the fashion world. These days, people have become more and more interested in “investment pieces.”

Investment pieces are items of clothing or accessories that the purchaser believes they will use for several years into the future, if not for the rest of their lives. The logic behind it is based on “cost per wear.” Cost per wear is a mathematical formula in which the initial price of the item is divided by how many times the item is worn or used. While cost per wear logic can be used for just about anything people spends money on, it is most popularly applied in relation to clothing, footwear and accessory purchases.


For example, imagine that someone really wants to buy those trendy patchwork pants that pop up in an ad on every social media app they open. The bottoms are a trendy item and they are seeing them everywhere, so they go ahead and make the purchase. Then, a year later, that person has only worn them twelve times because they are an exclusively casual piece and hard to style. What is their effective cost per wear? Perhaps it is $5, which is definitely more than a dollar.

Now, imagine someone that is looking to purchase an investment piece. They might really like accessorizing but are hesitating about spending the money on a luxurious gold ring. However, when they consider that they will wear the ring every day for several years to come, the purchase looks a lot more logical. It is also much more sustainable, as they will only need the one item for as long as it fulfills its purpose. If they wear said ring every day for a year, there is a strong chance its cost per wear will only be a few cents.

When comparing these two scenarios, it becomes easy to see just how impactful making investment purchases based on cost per wear will elevate people’s style. Not only will it improve the sustainability of the wardrobes, but it will also preserve the timelessness and versatility of the outfits. Versatile items allow people to be prepared to build an outfit for any occasion. They will easily be able to avoid those moments of panic when realizing that they don’t have an outfit for an event or special occasion.

Image consultants are the perfect resource to guide their clients when purchasing life-changing investment pieces. They will be able to help calculate an accurate cost per wear. That is why the professionals will order custom-tailored clothes and accessories for their clients. These items are well-fitting and made of high-end fabrics, so they last longer. It is convenient that most of the wardrobe lasts for many years to come. That is why it is worth it to invest in quality clothing.

Image consultants will be able to impart the knowledge they have about the patterns and subtlety of trends. They will find statement pieces that will simultaneously match their clients’ personality, appeal to trends, and maintain a classic charm. Moreover, they will teach their clients how to mix and match those key items to make the most out of them. With an image consultant’s advice, all of the purchases are guaranteed to be rewarding investments.

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