How to Connect with Clients as an Elite Image Consultant

Connect with clients as an elite image consultant

As an elite image consultant, you should think about where you can find your ideal clients and understand what they need. Then, you will be able to save time and resources by designing effective marketing strategies and using the most productive channels.

In order to find out how to approach and get to know your high-end clientele, read below the personal advice given by the founder of Style Konsult & STYiLES and image consultant, Jen Auh:


First of all, Jen usually asks her male clients why they want to have an image consultation. Her high-end clients tend to tell her that they know it is important for them to look put together, since they are the face of the company. However, they don’t have the time to figure out by themselves what clothes or styles look best on them.

Next, Jen asks them to tell her about their job and where they want to be in five years. Most clients answer that they have plans to expand their business. After that, Jen asks them what they do in their free time. Often, they reply that they work out or meet friends when they can. When they have a few minutes to spare, they either read the news or find informative videos on YouTube.

By the end of the interview, Jen knows what this client does and what motivates him. Jen’s clients’ answers confirm what she already knew based on her image consulting experience. Over the years, she has found patterns in her clients’ habits and hangout spots. That way, Jen Auh knows exactly where to go to meet potential clients who could use her services.


By getting to know her clients well, Jen can narrow her marketing focus and invest only in the channels that are most likely to bring her customers. As she states in her book STYiLES: “Image consulting is a global business. It’s not restricted by where you live. As you rebrand, you can build clientele and connections all over the world.”

Jen Auh lives in South Korea, but most of her clients are in the United States. They meet up when her clients come to Korea on business, or they use WhatsApp, Google Meet, or Zoom to connect. The distance doesn’t keep them from doing business together.

Doing digital marketing is essential if you want to build worldwide connections. One connection leads to another. To do that, figure out what online platforms your ideal clients are using. For instance, Jen’s clients don’t have time for Facebook or Instagram, so Jen maintains a presence on those platforms only for company branding.


The professionals Jen works with spend their online time on LinkedIn for presenting their brand and connecting with other business leaders. As a result, Jen Auh’s LinkedIn presence is fundamental. Her profile is attractive, informative, and constantly updated. You should:

  • Maintain an active presence on LinkedIn.
  • Make as many connections as you can.


LinkedIn has helped Jen grow her business. One time, the managing director of a global consulting agency reached out to Jen through LinkedIn. She invited her to provide an image consulting workshop for one of the agency’s corporate clients. Now, they are further developing this partnership with individual consulting sessions.


Your digital profile matters because first impressions are key in the style industry, which are mostly formed in digital spaces. Your social media pages are just like online resumes. Your profile picture should look professional. Use clear headshots instead of selfies.

Your potential clients should see how great you look so that they want to get to know your image consulting services. “There is no second chance. Make sure to show your best side in your online profile”, affirms Jen.

Maintaining a good personal brand and online presence increases the chance that your clients and contacts will refer you to others. “Referrals are one of my most important marketing strategies, so those references are vital”, states Jen in STYiLES.


In addition to your worldwide business, it is convenient to build a local customer base. Go to networking meetings and entrepreneur events in your community. Check the upcoming schedules of conference centers and other local venues. In the Resources section of you will find a current list of virtual and in-person events.

Whenever possible, go to events more than once so people remember you. At those events, Jen approaches people by introducing herself and handing them her business card. By getting to know new people, Jen can offer any help they need. They become her contacts and potential clients right away.

Jen Auh shares useful advice on how to build an elite image consulting business in her first book, from defining your market fit to communicating well with clients. The book is #1 International Bestseller, so get your copy and learn more about the world of elite image consulting.

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