How to Communicate with Clients as an Image Consultant

An image consultant communicates with her client

Communicating well with your clients is essential to achieve your image consulting business goals. There are many aspects that influence the relationship between the company and the clients, which include: the quality of the products or services, the attention given, the speed of response… Maintain an efficient communication with your clients to build a strong professional relationship, keep them satisfied and achieve better results.

Developing coherent and empathetic ways to communicate with customers helps the company be perceived in a more positive way and, therefore, be more valued in the image consulting and styling markets. It will also help you increase client loyalty. Follow these tips to make sure that you transmit the right messages and that your clients comprehend them.


An efficient communication takes place when the message sent by the image consulting company is understood by the clients. It is necessary to avoid misunderstandings and to share relevant information that reaches your clients. Learn some of the key tips that help image consultants define how to communicate well with their clients.

To build and maintain solid relationships between the business and the clients, it is relevant for the image consultant to develop communication skills. For this purpose, the company must invest resources in improving the following aspects:

  • Setting the frequency and quality of communications to its customers
  • Creating communication guidelines that the company must follow
  • Collecting the opinions and reviews of the customers
  • Using digital tools that allow the optimization of the communication

1. Communicate clear and relevant messages

The information about fashion, grooming, lifestyle or behavior that you share with your clients as an image consultant must be clear, objective and logical. The communication with customers, both spoken and written, must be characterized by clarity in the expressions or terms used. We recommend you to not use technical or complicated terms. That is why a consultation should be well organized and the tips that you give to your clients must be comprehensive.

2. Provide solutions in a timely manner

The frequency of communication is also very important for the relationship between the business and the clients to stay strong. Therefore, the contact must be regular so that clients stay connected with the image consulting company and keep booking its services. Also, the clients should have easy and quick ways to contact the image consultant through email or a private chat.

3. Use a positive tone and body language

Each of the words and expressions that the image consultant uses are very powerful. Speak with a calm tone while looking at the client’s eyes. It is essential that the image consultant chooses kind and respectful words that make the clients feel comfortable. Keep the professional distance but let the clients know that they can count on you. It is fundamental to bring consumers closer to the brand and to satisfy them. Always offer the best service to upgrade the client experience.

4. Personalize the communication

For communication to be even better, the personalization of the message must be part of how to communicate with the client. This can be done through acknowledging the personal needs of the consumer. Take into account their preferences and personalities in the consulting process. This way, it is likely to increase the chances that the client will establish a relationship of trust with the company and feel satisfied with the attention received. Then, the clients will recommend you to other potential clients.

5. Answer to your clients’ requests quickly

Each meeting, call or contact with a client is a unique opportunity to show how important that person is to the company. Therefore, you should respond to your customers in a short time. The responses must be fast in every part of the consulting process to achieve full customer satisfaction.

6. Work with proactivity

When you have to solve a problem or when the client must wait for a response from the company, we advise you to be proactive. Keep the customer informed about the status of an order or other important points. They must know all the valuable information without having to contact the company constantly.

7. Explain the characteristics of the services and products in detail

Explain in detail the characteristics of the company’s services and products. The information must be accurate and complete in the website, social media, advertisements and consultations. All the team must transmit a common message that is consistent with the brand image. Reflecting an image of a committed, accessible and honest business attracts and retains customers.

8. Listen actively to your clients

Listening to your clients’ ideas is essential to boost your business. Active listening makes it possible to find out what concerns your clients and discover the customer’s needs. That is the first step in understanding the vision of consumers and making the business grow.

9. Maintain personal contact

Having face-to-face meetings with the clients is the most effective way to direct communication. In the same way, personal communication with clients through non-digital channels, such as phone calls or physical visits, helps to strengthen relationships and commitment between the company and its clients.

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