How to Capitalize Your Assets as an Elite Image Consultant

Capitalize your assets as an elite image consultant

Personalize your brand to showcase your assets. There is no one else with your personal talents and skills. When you capitalize on what sets you apart, you will build the brand that is the perfect fit for you.

You can set your service apart from all others by maximizing your best assets. Your unique and distinctive focus will provide you with confidence, and that assurance will attract high-end clients to you.


The founder of Style Konsult & STYiLES and expert image consultant, Jen Auh, always reminds her clients how to show off the best sides of themselves. She works on improving their outer looks. This concept applies to who people are on the inside, too. Everyone is born with our unique personalities.

The job of an image consultant is to help clients show off the best sides of themselves in every interaction and maximizing their assets. You also have your best side. Your entire brand should be built around the one thing that you do the very best.

Part of showing off the best side of a person is knowing what they are good at. Everyone has one thing that they do really well. As you develop your client’s image, you need to build around that.


It takes time to learn what your talent is. It took Jen about 20 years to figure it out. She thought she was a designer who could create from scratch. Actually, she is the person who makes a design look better. Her true talent is enhancing goods or people to make them more attractive.

Jen first realized this talent when she took a programming class at her elementary school. Instead of writing the code, she excelled at enhancing the code that her classmates wrote. Jen polished up their work so that it would work better or look nicer before presenting it to the teacher, who complimented her.


You should focus on your strengths. For instance, one of Jen’s male clients is a successful businessman and has a career in politics ahead of him. He knows that looking good is important, but he is not interested in fashion or selfcare. Instead, he has Jen select his clothes so that he can focus on his top priorities.

Many people focus on what they don’t do well because they think they should improve in those areas. But, they are never going to end up the best of the best in that regard. “Don’t spend too much time trying to improve your weaknesses. You’ll only end up okay”, states Jen in her first book, STYiLES.

If you want your business to be the best, then you must throw all your effort into the thing that you do best and are passionate about. For example, Jen Auh works in the design and tailoring industry, but she doesn’t know how to sew. She even attended a sewing class, but soon she realized that sewing was not her calling.

As for Jen Auh, there is no reason she has to sew. She has trusted tailors who can provide a new suit in days. While they work on that, Jen focuses her attention on the parts of image consulting that she truly enjoys: selecting the clothes, hairstyle, accessories, and makeup that look right on someone.

Move on from what you are not good at. Then, you will stop struggling becoming something you are not. You can try doing new things to see what you are capable of, but be wise and recognize when to step back.


When you focus on what you do best, you can get even better at it. Figuring out your top strength should be your first step to become a successful image consultant.

As an adult, Jen spent decades in an e-commerce creative career with top beauty and fashion brands. It didn’t draw on her very best skill: making others look impeccable. She did that on the side, shopping for friends’ new clothes or providing advice about what to wear.

Once Jen discovered that enhancing others’ appearance and bringing out the best in them could be a profitable career, she pursued that line of work to the fullest. To find it out for yourself, you can use some outside help like a life coach in identifying your strengths to capitalize your assets.

Jen has had sessions with different life coaches to learn about lifestyle improvements. During life coaching sessions, she started to plan her image consulting business. You can find a list of recommended Certified Life Coaches in the Resources section on


Once, one coach had Jen take the CliftonStrengths Assessment to identify her top five strengths. She learned that she is an Activator, an Achiever, a Learner, a Maximizer, and an Arranger. She likes to plan, take action, and get things done efficiently.

She also took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and the results showed that she is an ESTJ-A, also known as an Assertive Executive who is highly ambitious and logical. Jen found a clear pattern: she likes to lead and get things done. So, that is what she does every day: leading people to become the best versions of themselves.

Identify your X-factor to scale up your business. Know who you are and what you are good at. Like Jen, you may excel at knowing exactly what someone needs to enhance their image. Other image consultants have different angles:

  • Motivating people to make changes
  • Identifying someone’s top skills
  • Guiding people step-by-step through a long-term process


If none of these clicks with you, then ask your clients to know what they have valued the most from your image consulting services. Create a list of repeated comments, and think about how they apply to your work focus.

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