How to Build a Global Network of Resources

Global network

“These days, you need a global network. That’s where you will find more contacts, resources, and options.” This statement from STYiLES, the international bestseller by Jen Auh, founder of Style Konsult & STYiLES and expert image consultant, points up the need for image consultants to have a global network of resources and trusted partners.


As Jen Auh states in her book, “there are people all over the world who can contribute to your success.Image consultants should stay curious about who integrates their network, as well as connect their partners with each other to help them grow their business.

To expand your network from local to global, you should:

  • Make new connections weekly
  • Attend events
  • Be present and attentive with your community
  • Create online presence
  • Give back and be generous
  • Help partners and collaborate with them


As you work together and collaborate, you will expand your reach. For instance, one of Jen Auh’s contacts is an intellectual lawyer in Japan. When she was looking for a copyright lawyer in the states, she reached out to the lawyer in Japan and he made an introduction to a copyright lawyer in Washington D.C. It doesn’t matter that she lives since she can connect her clients to a trusted professional on any side of the world.


By sourcing from around the globe, you will have a much vast selection than if you just shop at local stores. That way, you will be able to:

  • Compare different pricing options
  • Find high-end products with which you can build stylish and affordable wardrobes


Not all high-quality global resources are easy to find. For example, Jen Auh had to locate quality Korean tailoring factores going on foot everyday to build the connections. The tailors’ addresses and phone numbers didn’t show up online.

Jen Auh affirms: “My resources shape my reputation.” To succeed at sourcing products from around the world, you should test each referral yourself. That is how you will establish trusted connections that will represent your brand well.


In order to build a strong and successful company, you need a network of trusted partners and professionals who can complement your work. 

A personal story of the image consultant Jen Auh proves it:

As a young child, I lived in Korea. At age 14, I moved to the United States. When I returned to Seoul, Korea to start my custom tailoring business, I had no network waiting for me. It had been three decades since I’d last lived in Korea.

I went out every day to build a network and learn what resources were available. My efforts in getting to know people paid off. These days, I have a vast network of local connections: tailors, doctors, shop owners, lawyers, personal trainers, photographers, and more. I keep expanding my local network. Knowing where to send people in this city is vital to my success.


As Jen Auh asserts: “Working together, we can build a strong network of image consultants around the world.” That is why she created the B2B2C marketplace platform to help image consultants connect and build an elite business in an efficient way.

On our website, we provide a global selection of trusted resources for elite image consultants, from lawyers to nutritionists. Moreover, the app offers premium products from around the world for online personal shopping:

  • Custom-tailored clothing from Korea
  • Ready-to-wear items from Europe
  • Personalized K-beauty products
  • Stylish accessories
  • High-end featured products
  • Supplements
  • Among more…


The elite image consulting platform allows you to purchase exactly what you need, and it will arrive wherever in the world within 14 business days. Other benefits are:

  • Promote your brand
  • Find more clients
  • Expand your professional network
  • Save time
  • Upgrade the quality of the client experience


Download the STYiLES app now on App Store or Google Play to expand your network, find the best resources, and enjoy a premium image consulting experience. As well, get your copy of Jen Auh’s first book to learn more about the world of elite image consulting.

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