Best Winter Footwear for Men in 2022

Winter footwear

A perfect outfit requires dressing impeccably from head to toes. That is why all the garments and accessories are equally relevant when putting together a stylish look. Footwear is one of the key elements that make a look more refined and fashionable. Therefore, STYiLES app offers image consultants advice on how to choose the best winter footwear for their clients and assists them in providing great shoes and fabrics, regardless of the season.

The right shoes must have been made with high-quality materials like leather and they have to be appropriate for different situations. There are shoes that are suitable to go to the office or to a wedding, but other good shoes that are more convenient to take a walk or go to a party. So, image consultants should select the ideal footwear for each client and event.

The universe of men’s footwear is wide. From sneakers to boots, loafers to brogues… There are many types of shoes for men to wear during the cold weather in order to be warm and stylish. The important point is to know when and how to wear each kind of shoe. Image consultants must analyze the personal taste and charisma of their clients in order to make them feel as confident and comfortable as possible when wearing different shoes.

For example, white sneakers are casual, comfy and relaxed shoes that every man can pull off. Besides, ankle boots are versatile enough that men can wear them to both formal and informal situations. There is no better type of footwear than ankle boots to raise the level of formality of winter looks. They go well with jeans, sweaters or a suit.


1. Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are the go-to boots for men who want to look fashionable and elegant at the same time. They are finished off with an elastic part on the side that makes the shoes adapt to the man’s feet and be more comfortable. They are the right footwear to build an informal outfit with style. The best fabrics for Chelsea boots are leather and camel suede. These types of materials are awesome for winter because they protect men’s feet from the cold. Therefore, men must make sure to get black and brown Chelsea boots for the cold weather. Like that, they will find it easier to create polished outfits for every occasion.

2. Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes are a style of dressy leather shoe that originates in Scotland and Ireland and were popularized by Oxford University students around 1800. These are traditionally made of leather and quite flat. They are the most formal of all lace-up shoes. They look good with almost every outfit, even with jeans. They are the top formal shoe that should be in any man’s closet.

3. Loafers

For several seasons, these types of shoes have been the favorites of men, either because of the comfort and elegance that they can offer or the simple fact that they will never go out of style. Remember that, when using this footwear, you should wear pants that are not too long and that show your ankles. This type of footwear is very versatile to go to work, go for a walk or have dinner with friends. They combine with jeans, pleated pants or a more informal suit without a tie.

4. Brogues

These types of men’s shoes with laces are masculine shoes with a classic cut, which is very elegant. They are less formal than Oxfords. Men can wear them with jeans or suits, since they go with everything. When wearing brogues, you will always look neat for any occasion. The typical ones are made of leather with black, brown or chocolate tones, but there are already more modern variations with other colors and fabrics.

5. Chukka boots

Chukka boots are a type of shoe that men must consider wearing on the coldest days of the year. These comfortable boots come in a wide variety of colors and materials. They may have minor style changes like synthetic soles, prints and other variations. A true Chukka is made with two pieces of leather, it reaches the ankle, has no more than two or three eyelets and has a round toe. Although they are considered more of a casual piece of footwear, they look on point when combined with jeans and a plain t-shirt and also with a moderately formal, solid shirt or sweater for a smarter look. Wherever a classic white sneaker fits, a casual lace-up boot will do, with the extra advantage that your feet will be much more protected from the cold during winter.

6. White sneakers

The truth is that white sneakers are an essential item in every man’s wardrobe. White sneakers are the ideal complement for more relaxed and informal looks because they are comfortable shoes that combine well with everything. Currently, these shoes are so popular that almost every shoe brand has their version of them.

7. Monk shoes

The monks are a type of footwear that is characterized by its buckle-shaped closure. Its name derives from the sandals worn by the monks that had a similar closure. It is a comfortable shoe as it fastens quickly and can be adjusted to the size of each foot. It can be considered a more formal shoe than a loafer, but less than an Oxford shoe. They can be worn to dress up and even with a suit.

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