Best Winter Clothing Brands for Men to Shop

winter clothing brands for men

There is a wider variety of brands available to women when the seasons change, which makes it easier for them to choose what they need. Brands have a tendency to cater to women more than men, often with a smaller selection of choices for men. Although this has changed over the years, many men still find it particularly difficult to find a clothing brand to shop from. Shopping is already difficult enough when trying to find the right aesthetic and style for your clients.

It can be frustrating to have to switch back and forth between different brands just to put together one outfit. By offering a few trusted clothing brands, you would not only make your job easier but also improve the client experience.

We want to help make your job easier this season by guiding you to some brands to consider this season. With our help, find some of the best winter clothing brands for men to shop without help and provide the best for your clients this season.

Winter Clothing Brands

Winter is a season that can bring some hash colds to certain areas. Finding cold weather clothing brands that carry a good selection of items for every season will significantly add to its value making it a superior brand.  As an image consultant and or personal shopper,  providing items from trusted and quality brands will have your clients stand out in a sophisticated and professional way.

Remember your clients trust you to make the choices for them when it comes to their appearance. So with that being said, here is a look at just a few brands that meet those qualifications

1. Fabiano Ricci

As soon as we think of shoes, we think of comfort. It is already common knowledge that an image consultant should not fall for a flashy pair of shoes. Therefore, you already know that this brand will offer quality products.  Italian brand Fabiano Ricci is known for its passion for shoes. Besides being stylish, the brand believes that its wearers should also enjoy wearing comfortable shoes. Quality, well-structured shoes from Fabiano Ricci that are 100% Italian are designed to last longer than the winter season.

2. Andersen-Andersen

“Knitted to last a lifetime” is the motto of this favored Danish brand. Owning a high-quality sweater doesn’t need to be emphasized. Andersen-Andersen, a married couple from the Danish countryside, also believed in this. Using a type of long-fiber merino wool, the couple developed their own unique yarn after years of research. Originally selling locally and later gaining much popular traction. The couple decided to expand their brand and provide quality crafted sweaters globally. Sweaters are a staple part of winter clothing, and it’s your job as an image consultant to choose the best quality sweater that can last your client a lifetime. Working with a brand passionate as Andersen-Andersen will resonate with your client and further increase their trust in you.

3. Baracuta

Originally from Manchester, this iconic British brand is widely known for its quality jackets and coats, specifically the Harrington jacket. Now, this is more than just a casual jacket. As England experiences heavy rain throughout the year, having a well-structured jacket that can withstand the rain and cold was important. In creating aesthetically fashionable jackets that have appeared in modern pop culture, Baracuta has created some of the greatest fashion pieces for men.

The Baracuta G9 outer fabric is made from premium quality water-repellent poly/cotton and is lined with CoolMax to absorb as little fluid as possible, allowing it to dry faster than most other fabrics, which makes it ideal for the winter/rainy season. Providing the utmost protection to the inner layers of an outfit, Baracuta is one of the best winter clothing brands and image consultants can choose.

4. Germano

When it comes to trousers, Germano is rated strongly for being one of the best. Based in Italy, and with over 50 years of experience, Germano has made itself known as a brand that puts precision and care into every piece of clothing. Comfort is the most important aspect for many clients. Each finished product should provide the wearer with maximum comfort throughout their day-to-day lives. Each pair of trousers tells a different story, whether it be for a business meeting or date to see Christmas lights, Germano is not only a brand that provides cold weather trousers but trousers designer to fit for any occasion.

5. John Smedley

Established in England in the 1800s, John Smedly is known worldwide for its knitwear products. A well-known winter clothing brand, John Smedley’s products are known for their quality and craftsmanship. Adhering strongly to tradition, John Smedly has also gained praise from the Royal family, being dubbed as the “Manufacturer of Fine Knitwear” by Her Majesty The Queen herself.

Form quality, design, and craftsmanship, John Smedley provides the highest quality of knits that image consultants can provide for their clients. There’s a reason why this brand has lasted as long as it as and brands like John Smedley that continue to grow and evolve is a brand that image consultants should associate themselves with.

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