Best Men’s Accessories for Spring

Sunglasses, men's accessories for spring

Spring is a season that allows men to layer clothes and use stylish accessories to upgrade their outfits and protect from the sunlight. Image consultants have to take into account that men’s fashion is all about the clothing quality and the details, so including good accessories to their client’s spring looks is a must. Nevertheless, consider that a misuse of accessories can spoil men’s looks. Image consultants should find the balance of elegant and fashionable complements to enhance men’s image and style. That is why it is so important for image consultants to stock chic men’s accessories for spring.

Accessories can be undisputed protagonists of any outfit. If you still are not sure about which ones to choose for your client’s polished spring looks, STYiLES has selected the best accessories for men that will take your client’s style for the coming mild season to the next level. A watch or belts are little details that make a big difference on any men’s outfit. Men appear more elegant and modish when they match and combine the right items with neat clothes. Read attentively to find out which accessories will make your clients look flawless this spring.


1. Belts

Belts are essential accessories for men to both adjust their bottoms correctly and show that they care about the styling details. They are one of the most vital items in men’s fashion because they are not merely decorative accessories, but also practical pieces. They are more of a functional accessory, as they allow men to keep their tops and pants well-fitted.

Belts look good for spring since they stand out when combined with pants like chinos or jeans. We do not recommend belts that are too colorful or striking. Instead, it is best to wear a belt that has been made with high-quality leather and designed with a perfect finish because it guarantees more durability over time. Contemplate each client’s taste and style to select the belts that suit them best.

2. Patterned and light-colored ties

It is convenient for men to get a variety of versatile patterned ties so they can wear them to more formal events or to work. Ties that are made of silk and designed with original prints will draw attention and make men look amazing and graceful. Dare to include fresh printed ties in your clients’ outfits in order to upgrade their spring looks to work or attend formal events. When choosing a tie, it is always appropriate that image consultants match the color, cut, style and fit of the tie with the suit and shirt of the client. STYiLES recommends light-colored ties for spring.

3. Handkerchief

It is common for men to carry handkerchiefs in their pocket, since they add color and personality to their outfits besides being useful to dry the sweat. Remember that it is not needed that your clients’ handkerchief and tie go together, although they should not be out of tune either. If you are looking to add a sophisticated touch to your clients’ outfits, silk handkerchiefs are one of the key accessories you could go for. It is relevant that you teach your clients how to fold and use handkerchiefs so they do not seem scruffy when wearing them.

4. Hats and caps

Be thoughtful with your clients by advising them to get some hats and caps that will protect them from the sunrays and the heat during spring. That is why this spring any hat will serve men and will be the best accessory for them to look modern and trendy as well as prudent. A hat gives men elegance, while a modern cap helps men protect from the bright light while being in style. It is all a matter of your clients’ tastes, styles and needs. For example, fedora hats will make you look classy. We guarantee that these accessories will make your clients feel cooler in the warm weather.

5. Sunglasses

Make sure you communicate to your clients that they cannot go outside during spring without wearing high-quality sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sunbeams. Sunglasses are both useful and stylish. Men should use them all year long, since the sun does not disappear. But it is true that, when the sunlight intensifies with good weather, the need to wear sunglasses intensifies.

Select sunglasses with anti-reflective lenses for your clients to feel more comfortable and safe. Aviator and round models will be in trend throughout 2022, so take a look at them. However, always remember to choose the ideal lenses for each clients’ face shape.

6. Leather jewelry

If men want to look completely youthful and on trend, image consultants can advise them to wear leather jewelry. Once that thick jackets and sweaters are put away, men have the option of wearing more bracelets, rings and necklaces that will become protagonists of the spring outfits. Image consultants must choose elegant and high-end jewelry, preferably made with a leather finish. Moreover, it is better if men do not wear too much jewelry, but just a necklace or a couple of rings. So, it is time for men to use jewelry that they like to give a trendy touch to their looks.

7. Watches

Last but not least, mind that a good watch is another essential in men’s spring looks. It is a classic that never fails, no matter the season of the year. Watches are fancy and useful accessories that help men be on time and in style. Men who care about their image must wear a luxurious watch to look more polished and swank. There are many brands, models, materials and styles to choose from. Analyze your clients’ personality and preferences to get the right watch for them. Every man should have at least two watches: one with a metal strap for formal occasions and one with a leather strap for casual ones.

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