Best Color Palette for Spring Closet and Wardrobe

A man chooses among spring clothing in a wide range of colors

With spring comes the change of wardrobe. The clothes become finer and the colors lighter. In spring, fashion gets fun because it allows us to combine fresh and colorful clothes. The usual darker shades of autumn/winter lose strength against a vibrant and pastel color palette. This season will boost an explosion of lighter and brighter colors in spring wardrobes that will reach its peak just in time for the blossoming of flowers. STYiLES is explaining to image consultants which are the colors that are going to be trendy this spring so they can build stylish outfits for their clients.

This spring, five colors will be popular: pink, green, blue, yellow and orange. Some come back in their most saturated hue and others in their lightest range so people can wear them in a total look, combined with each other or with neutral tones that are always on trend. Spring 2022 will be a season in which a few months await us in full color, with shades such as lemon-lime green, pink, blue or purple, among other tones that will fill our closets.


The pastel color trend is the one that appears when it is time to make the clothing transition from cold seasons to the warm ones. The presence of pastel color in outfits means that it is already spring. When the brightest and most powerful sunlight appears, light tones take control of our wardrobe. Pastel hues elevate our outfits because they add a note of color and provide even more light than the natural spring sunlight already provides.

In addition, they make clothing appear much more delicate, transferring that delicacy to the style in general. These colors confer that freshness that all styling needs when the warmer weather arrives, among which are pink, light blue, peppermint green, yellow, pink or violet. Spring is a season when it is still convenient to wear fine sweaters and knitted vests or jackets, but in lighter versions than the previous season. Therefore, both the fabric and the color of spring clothing should be light.


1. Green

Green arrives this spring in two antagonistic shades: in its brightest range and in a mint tone. Green gives off freshness and conveys the optimism of nature. Green is not an easy color to mix and match because, if you do not find the right tone for your clients, it can dull their skin and face. The solution is to choose any other that favors your client in the range of reds or blues.

Other shades of green such as aquamarine, pistachio, moss green, laurel and mint green will also be protagonists this spring. Green has an amazing ability to glow when paired with light colors and fade when combined with darker ones. This 2022 green becomes more powerful, vibrant and with a touch of yellow to create the extraordinary lime green.

2. Blue

Sky blue will be another star color this spring. Blue is an elegant and smooth color that combines well with many other tones. It has become a common shade that is worn all year long, but it always adds singularity and style to any outfit. In spring, light blue is much more recommended than navy blue because it adds a calmer and brighter touch to the look.

We suggest image consultants to build outfits with blue garments and mix it with other trendy shades in its brightest shade, like orange or green. That contrast will give a unique and original feel to the outfit. However, if you are looking for more formal and classic looks, it is best to choose blue t-shirts, shirts, sweaters and pants that are not too candid.

3. Beige

Along with black, gray, navy blue and white, beige is one of those classic colors that will always be fashionable and elegant over the years. For a couple of seasons it has not only been a color for the colder weather, but also for spring. Beige garments give a sophisticated and relaxed feeling to looks, combine well with almost every color and look amazing in both tops and bottoms.

4. Pink

The pink color is one of the classics of all springs and this year it will be mainly worn in two shades: fuchsia pink and pastel pink. If you are going to combine it with other colors, avoid mixing it with vibrant shades. Pink goes better with neutral colors like white or black. The duller version of pink is another of the clear trends this spring. If last year neon pink was everywhere, this 2022 it will be worn in a softer and powerful pink. The shade ‘bubblegum pink’ will also be in trend. When it comes to men’s fashion, the best garments in pink are shirts and t-shirts.

5. Yellow

A light yellow will also be a star color in the streets this spring. It is typically worn in summer because it is an especially refreshing and intense color. So, it is one of those tones that people want to wear when the heat arrives. In addition to its optimism, as this tone suits tanned skin especially well, the ideal is to reserve it for later spring, when your clients have taken on a bit of tan.

6. Orange

Orange is another color that is traditionally related to warm weather. This spring it returns in its brightest version. Citrus colors will become very trendy this warm season. To the lemon-lime color is added the tangerine hue, an orange that is brighter and darker than the classic orange.

Orange is a very energetic color that you can make stand out by combining it with light tones such as white, mute it with neutral tones like black and make it shine if you add it to another saturated color like red. As it happens with yellow, it is best to save it for when the skin is a little tanned. Above all, it is relevant that image consultants balance such vivid colors. Build outfits that only include one or two details of those lively hues.

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